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snoring when pregnant

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Re: snoring when pregnant

Post by Alsacienne » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:47 am

Hi Maria! Congratulations ... but wow you're a braver mum than I ever was! I'm not around a lot at the moment - RL means that we're involved in the opposite end of the life cycle trying to look after my father-in-law who's suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Finally we have found a place for him in a Home in a place where he spent his youth, and where he'd always wished to return to, so he's now safe and being cared for kindly.

If snoring is only a problem when you're pregnant ... like gestational diabetes ... at least you know there's an end in sight and a lovely new arrival to join your family too.

You'll get through the toddling challenges .... only to have them replaced by other challenges as your little ones grow! And you'll cope and survive especially with a loving hubby!

Kindest regards

Alsa xxx

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