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Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Talk about all aspects of snoring. Request help from others with the same problem, tell your story, exchange tips & techniques .. in fact, anything snoring related
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Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by vivaelpresidente » Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:17 pm

Hello all,

Well there goes another one! Until you are affected by it snoring seems like such a minor whinge but it has really completely ruined my life now for the past couple of years; 2 partners could not cope and have left. NO violins please! Just practical advice if there is any!

I am a 46 year old male at 6ft and 16 1/2 stone so I know that weight reduction will assist (I was 20st in 2013 so it is coming down slowly; still no better yet).

i have run several apps to provide nightly data; my current snoring average is around 80% of the night (based on 7 hours sleeping) at between 85 to 95dB so I can understand this is a racket for most of the night! (It rarely waivers either - drinking or not makes no difference, sinus rinsing - no change, a swim before bedtime etc etc).

I can snore mouth open, closed, breathing through nose or not, tongue forward, jaw forward; basically doesn't matter where I breathe through or how loud snoring is the result.

The list of snoring aids I have tried could be the inventory of a snoring aid shop; MADs of various shapes, Mouth closers, nose vents, nose blockers, nose rings, aromatherapy things, acupuncture, endless.........

Only option now is CPAP?

Seen doctor who raised eyebrow and referred me to ENT. ENT dont treat "just snoring" there has got to be an apnea association for them to even consider helping now.

Therefore I am now broke. I have spent my last penny on what really amounts to a lot of snake oil, the NHS wont help and CPAP machines are affordable to me (if this is even a course of action to take).

Can anyone help at all; I am exhausted with the battles with the health service and would like my life restored if possible.

Thank you very much.


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Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by Sleep2Snore » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:48 pm

Hi John,
You are between a rock and a hard place!
Do you stop breathing at all or is it just your vocal cords or throat vibrating?
The reason he sent you to ENT is just to check there is nothing amiss with your throat.
Have you been to the doctor since the ENT? I suspect you have even if it is to get the results.

Have you tried one of these?
Though to be honest I don't know if it will help you and they are not cheap!
Maybe a CPAP machine on a low pressure might help or stop your snoring?
Try your doctor to see if he will send you for a Sleep Study and the Sleep Clinic.
You could get this done privately if money is no object, but be careful as there are some dodgy Clinics out there.

It sounds as if you have tried nearly everything.
Have you tried some of the sprays? They tend to have a limited success, but I just wondered.
Sorry I can't be more positive.
Sleep Clinic might just be worth a shot if everything else has failed!
You might have to push a bit to get one though.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.
S2S - Sleep2Snore

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Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by vivaelpresidente » Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:24 pm

Thanks very much for your support there - most appreciated.

Can I just clarify that the ENT department would not see me as they dont deal "with just snoring" so there are no results to check Im afraid. I also dont think I have any apnea - just very loud vbratory throat and vocals!

I actually peaked at 101 dB last night! Wow my poor neighbours!

I just dont know what to do as a next step - yes I have tried sprays and they have no effect at all. I did try a TSD device and again no real benefit. I am currently designing home made MADs of various designs to see if I can get any reduction in noise!

I dont really know what the Dr can now do if my health authority doesnt treat snoring; money unfortunately is a big issue and I cant afford to even try a CPAP at present to see if it assists.

I will keep chipping away at the problem and keep the group updated here.

Thanks for bothering it is most appreciated.


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Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by Swindonian » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:18 am

Hi, I have sent you a Private Message (PM) which I hope you read because I may be in a position to help you in your dilemma. However, I understand that because you are a very new member your ability to receive PM's might not yet be enabled, if this is so please respond on the forum and I will try to get it switched on for you. I am fully aware of the distress that snoring can cause in relationships and if you think cpap could help go for it preferably via your own GP and the NHS route.


Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by thorpy63 » Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:58 pm

Hi John 2 months ago I was in your situation,I am 52 years old,have tried weight loss currently around 19 stone to no avail,I to have a failed marriage behind me one of the factors my snoring,my present partner has put up with this for 10 years,I to have tried all the nose clips rings sprays,plastic mouth guards etc,I to was advised surgery was not the way to go as there are no guarantees of ,success,then I read about,professor Simon Ash and his chrome cobalt Somnowell device,I pondered over this for a few months,watched all the videos on you tube,and decided,the facts he was telling me were backed by the British snoring association,it was at that point I decided to go for the fitting,this is very thorough and they take many impressions of your teeth and gums,it gets very technical,suffice to say,the impressions are sent away and your device is ready in a month or so it's not cheap 1350 pounds,initially it worked with limited success,but it has been adjusted and now any snoring I do can be measured in minutes per night and not hours,so it hasn't cured it completely but my partner and I have more energy during the day,as for the cost yes its expensive,but there are payment options,I personally think this amount of money for a proven solution to the problem is a bargain,I would like to add that I have no connection to the company they have not asked me to review and I am certainly not a scammer,and would be happy to talk about my personal experience to anyone who may be thinking about The Somnowell

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Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by Newbie Insomniac » Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:11 am

Hi John, My sympathies are with you as despite all my tests etc it looks like it is "just snoring" with me and my own snoring could be waking me up and if that's what they diagnose it seems they aren't too worried in helping you further. Fortunately my consultant did send me for two sleep study's and am currently awaiting results for second one so I would be inclined to maybe push your GP a little harder for a sleep study so to completely rule out anything else. As far as I know they can't refuse if you ask and maybe stamp your feet a little but it's worth pushing to rule out another sleep problem.

Then if it is simply snoring it's worth finding out either by ways of a sleep study or maybe via a dentist as to what sort of snorer you are, ie tongue based, jaw based, nasal based etc because in my view it's pointless shelling out vast amounts of money unless you know for sure if whatever you spend your money on will help the snoring. My dentist was very helpful in letting me know about my jaw because I assumed I had an overbite after what I read online. It turned out I didn't. He also mentioned that he did do personally made MAD devices and it cost around the £350 mark so as I say it's worth talking to your dentist.

I only say all this because at the start of all this I went out and bought a snore wizard which was hopeless. Fortunately it had a money back guarantee on it but it was a real panic buy. So do a little more research if you can, push for a sleep study if at all possible and maybe have a chat with your dentist.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.


Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by Lee1970 » Sat May 14, 2016 6:00 am

I have this same problem with snoring and it is keeping my partner awake i have not tried any thing yet wot is the best thing on the market thanks


Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by Jojolly » Mon May 16, 2016 11:05 am

Hi john
I may be able to help if you are prepared to go the publicity route and see if a private clinic etc would offer some free treatment. Often happy to do so for good pr just email me - snore myself hence happy to help

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Re: Lost yet another partner to snoring; Any help would be gratefully received.

Post by Bingo » Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:13 am

I, like yourself, used to be a big snorer, I could strip wallpaper with it, however through a complex route "which I won't bore you with" I am now almost completely cured !
The following is probably going to get a lot of readers laughing, but don't laugh to hard until you've tried it !

I found that by giving up white bread and white flour products, particularly at night-time that this not only started to cure my snoring but also gave some weight loss

Remember with this thought in mind ?

There are no drug's to take or side affects
It costs very little, although brown bread is sometimes a little dearer
Its not unpleasant or difficult to remember
If you feel you cant handle it, you can give it up at any time

I personally found it took about three to four weeks to start working, and then it got steadily better, I started about six years ago and have never looked back, (I still have the same wallpaper and the same partner, we've just celebrated our 50th anniversary)

I really hope this helps your lifestyle as much as it did mine

PS : to the best of my knowledge, I have never suffered from a Gluten problem.

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