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Help! I can't persuade my partner to get Help!

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Help! I can't persuade my partner to get Help!

Post by Guest » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:39 am

I hope I'm in the right place and that I don't offend anyone with my post.

I've been trying to persuade my partner to get Help with his severe snoring for a couple of years now. He has always snored but over the last couple of years he has got really bad. His snoring is extremely loud (some nights he is so loud he wakes our daughter up who is at the other end of the house). His snoring is worse when he lies on his back but he can be just as bad when he is on his side. He does have asthma but says that he doesn't feel like this is a factor. He sometimes makes stops breathing and then makes gasping noises or doesn't resume breathing until I wake him up. There are frequent nights where I am only getting 2 hours sleep at most because of his snoring and there are a nights where I literally don't sleep at all because of it. I feel like it is destroying our relationship. We have no sex life to speak of anymore and it is getting to the point where I am asking him to sleep downstairs because of sheer exhaustion. I am tired and irritable and this is making the situation worse as it is making me short tempered. I have also been diagnosed with depression and so sleep and a strong relationship is extremely important. I am really worried about my partner as he continues to get worse and although he keeps promising to make an appointment with our Gp, he has been making those promises for 2 years now. I am terrified that I am going to wake up one day and he is going to have died in his do I help him and support him without making him feel like I am pressuring him or bullying him? If anyone has any advice I would gladly take it no matter what it is. Unfortunately we do not have a spare room for him to sleep in nor do we have the resources to move to a larger house.

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Re: Help! I can't persuade my partner to get Help!

Post by Sleep2Snore » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:42 am

Going by your description, I think he may have got to the stage he has Sleep Apnoea.
I bet he feels a bit more tired than he used to with a lot less energy.
Get him to go see his Gp before it get a lot worse, it will get worse a lot quicker than he or you might think.
Tell the Gp that you suspect he might have Sleep Apnoea.
Ask him if he is tired these days as he is stopping breathing during the night. Ask if he wants to go see the Gp as you think he might have Sleep Apnoea and you don't want him to have a traffic accident or die in his sleep.
Don't let it get into any sort of argument, go to the GPs and get leaflets about Sleep Apnoea and just leave a few lying around. If he says no, then just say fine, and go get leaflets.
If the Gp does not have them, other health centers might have them, hospitals will.
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Re: Help! I can't persuade my partner to get Help!

Post by Guest » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:23 am

As a sleep apnoea sufferer, before I was diagnosed, it was my exhaustion that sent me to the docs, and I was found to have a few things that impact my health, but are exacerbated by sleep ap.

A few ways to discover Sleep apnoea are:
Quality of sleep:
Fluttering in his chest:
Lack of Libido:
Often Exhausted.

If he is overweight, that is usually a consequence of needing, indeed craving, carbs (wanting energy) and the lack of rest. He may be asleep but he's not resting.
Ask him in he had a good nights sleep next time he wakes. If he says no, Sleep in another bedroom!
The machine, when he is given one, is a very quiet hiss, but is constant, so it lulls rather than disturbs your sleep. It can cause the patients mouth to become very dry overnight, so have a bottle of water next to the bed for this event.
Hope you get him sorted.

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