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Post by nonamehertfordshire » Sat Jan 24, 2009 7:39 pm

I am now into my 8th day. It is still uncomfortable and the pain can be bad in between the painkillers. It is very difficult to swallow, but on the plus side I have lost over 8 pounds and the codeine sends me to sleep The gargling stings a touch, but overall if the op works it will be worth it. I saw my GP yesterday to check if I had an infection, and I do not, so hopefully I am over the worse now.

Suffering in USA


Post by Suffering in USA » Thu May 14, 2009 10:14 am

Hi all. I had mine done on May 8, 2009 and here I sit on the internet at 5a.m. trying to google post-LAUP procedures to see if I missed anything. I am so sick of the pain and swallowing is so bad (remember, it's been less than a week) that I don't want to eat or drink. Therein lies the rub. You must force yourself to eat and drink! If I put down just one little container of jello or Italian ice, that is good intake for me for the whole day. The pain meds made me sick but then I am not an overweight woman and high-powered stuff like that usually does send me for a loop. Thus, I stopped taking them. Big mistake.

So, here's my evaluation of the whole thing. It is obviously too early to determine whether or not it worked, so I cannot do that. I can tell you for CERTAIN that I will not repeat the LAUP, nor does my doctor think it would be necessary since I am a petite person. I advise that you stay on the pain meds! Try to eat a little something every day but don't eat citrusy or acidic things.

PS. My brother (also slender) had the UPPP in January 2009. Doctors say that both procedures are more effective for slender people and in fact, my doctor won't do it for overweight individuals since the success rate is so low. Anyway, my brother is "sleeping like a baby" and his wife has never been happier to do so too. No more snoring. He has his life back and I am hoping to have that kind of success too.



Post by nonamehertfordshire » Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:11 pm

It has now been 8 months since the op, and overall it has been a success and I am very pleased (as is my wife !). The only strange side effect is that perhaps about once a day I swallow something down the wrong way, presumably because my Uvula has been lasered off. It is not a major problem, but if it is common, I think I should have been told prior to the op. I still would have had it done, just suppose I must get used to swallow things more carefully.



Post by specialmonkey » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:55 am


I had Uvluaplasty done two weeks ago and I must be a wimp.
I have never gone through so much pain and two weeks later I still hurt !

If this dosent work I am on the way to finding a new home because my snoring is horrendous and wakes me up let alone my partner.

I think its likely I will be off work another week yet as I cant face gagging on my food and drink in front of others and needing a sleep after taking pain relief !

I would think seriously before having surgery - took me 4 years to do this so as you can imagine I hope it works :D



Post by artur » Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:11 pm

I had my surgery just 4 days ago, in Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, Grays Inn Rd, London; full anaesthesia, LAUP + tonsils; too early to speak about the results of the surgery, but a few things I can say for sure: v. good care, everything explained, generous pack of painkillers on the check-out; I feel generally good (although I was a bit bleeding and throwing up on the first day), pain totally under control (sure, there is some discomfort); if that helps, then in my case it was 100% worth it :)

Private Snorer
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Post by VictorT » Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:02 pm

hello, 31 years, male here. I had my surgery done approximately 1 year ago.

First surgery was septoplasty, which alleviated breathing somewhat. Second procedure was LAUP.

LAUP was definitely more painful, I hated the following weeks of recovery. At the time my wife said I stopped snoring and/or snore very very lightly.

I'm not sure if I am completely cured of sleep apnea but I no longer feel as tired as I used to.

Recently my wife has said my snoring has come back, it's probably because I have put on more weight recently. I will definitely try to lose some of this.

No side effects, except strangely I no longer get hayfever and also when I sneeze, literally everything comes out :shock:

Marky Mark


Post by Marky Mark » Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:27 am

To all you people out there considering LAUP surgery......please save your money. I had the procedure 4 years ago in Harley Street and I still snore to this day. It cost me £1700 and once the anaesthetic wears off following surgery your throat feels like it has had a rasp dragged through it.

I'm 47, not overweight and don't drink more than 5 units of alcohol per week so there should be no excuse for snoring.

At first I only seemed to snore when I'd had a drink even if it was only one or two but now the snoring comes and goes without good reason.

In essence, my advice is if you want to reduce snoring then keep yourself as lean as possible, try not to drink alcohol and don't sleep on your back.

Failing that, find a partner who is deaf or understanding.



Post by mydigitalself » Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:39 pm

I just wanted to share my LAUP investigation process with everyone here as I had looked at this forum a couple of weeks ago.

Last week I went to The Private Clinic to find out more about LAUP, and I can concur with what some people have noted with regards to feeling sold to. The gentleman who assessed me felt more like a salesman than a medical practitioner.

The interesting bit was when I grilled him on the success rate and that I'd read in forums with regards to various failures, which got him incredibly defensive, almost a touch aggressive and total deniability ensued.

I then spoke to my parents about the situation as they both work in the medical industry at pretty senior levels. My mother (who lives in South Africa, which has exceptionally good private health care) discussed LAUP with two of the leading ENT (ear, nose & throat) specialists in South Africa.

I'll actually paste below her feedback and hopefully this would help people come to the same conclusion that I have in that I won't be going forward with the procedure. Here goes:

The news is not good! I have spoken to probably the top ENT specialist in South Africa and his opinion is exactly the same as another ENT specialist we contacted yesterday;

This is what he said
1. The operation (exactly the one you quote) is not very successful at all.

2. If it is successful, then the effect only lasts for a couple of years.

3. It is extremely painful – coming from a surgeon that is saying something!

4. He and almost all other ENT specialists are no longer performing this op because of its poor success rate.

I was also told yesterday that the op can have an uncommon but horrid side effect – you feel as if you have something in your throat and if you have this side effect it lasts the rest of your life.

Furthermore, I have been onto evidence-based medicine websites and the information there indicates that there is no evidence to support the success of this procedure. Not saying it is unsuccessful but saying the evidence of success is not strong.

So: what can you do for snoring? The ENT specialist said the following:
1. Not too much one can do actually.

2. If you are experiencing sleep apnoea (which is a lack of oxygen due to the snoring) then you would need a CPAP machine. It is a machine that you hook up every night that uses pressure to assist your breathing while you sleep. would only know if you need this machine by having a test in a sleep laboratory to see whether you are actually experiencing sleep apnoea. I shouldn’t imagine you will need this!

3. The most successful and helpful thing he says you can do (and should do) is to ensure that you are not overweight. He says being overweight aggravates snoring.

I've ordered a few products from this site and I'll follow up on this post with my findings on them and let you know how I'm getting along.


Sir Snoralot


Post by Sir Snoralot » Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:01 am

Had a very similar experience at the Dublin private clinic this week. Things going smoothly while the nurse explained the options and side effects. The 15 minute follow up session with the business consultant was reminiscent of someone trying to sell a Bulgarian property in 2007. Very keen to get the deposit of 500 euro secured on the spot, which was frankly offputting and which encouraged me to dig for info. This forum is very useful, because despite 150000 people allegedly having done this procedure, the online discussions seem to have as many negative stories as positive. I want to pick a procedure that will be successful for me rather than a commission boost for a non- medical sales guy.

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Post by Alsacienne » Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:16 pm

PLEASE have a complete sleep study to find out why you are snoring ... it's not necessarily due to vibration of the soft palate!! THEN consider ALL the options. And think about the economics of what you decide to do as well as the health and medical aspects.



Post by Gordon » Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:14 pm

The ENT specialist told the arbitrator in my law suit about the damage done by the LAUP I was given some years ago by an ENT specialist looking for easy come money. Here in Scandinavia the clever ENTs stopped using Laup in 2001 because of all the complaints and bad side effects. See member stories for more info about my damage after the LAUP. Are the ENTs in GB still using LAUP?



Post by mike » Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:59 am

Hi, I had my LAUP yesterday 18/4/13 at the Private Clinic, Harley St, London. I thought i'd post my experiences as they develop because i was unable to find too much in the line of 'personal experience' prior to the Op. I snore terribly (apparently...) hence the Op. The Op itself was not pleasant, no real pain due to the local anaestetic but the 'gag' reflex and visable smoke was not good ! I was in the 'chair' for no more than 15minutes, including 5 mins of 'chat'
Left the clinic with a bag of various painkillers and a really odd feeling in my throat. I slept well thanks to the Codeine but trying to gargle as directed is really tricky and uncomfortable. A word of advice - don't reach for a mirror to check what you got for your money.... You don't want to see - yet. And DON'T check out Youtube to watch the procedure, it will only disturb you and is not as bad as the video makes out.
Less than 24hrs on the pain is OK with codeine but i still don't want to speak much - maybe thats just me..
I'll post more in a day or so



Post by mike » Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:21 pm

5 days into 'post LAUP' now. The pain is fairly easily controlled by the Codeine I was given - it does become v.uncomfortable when they start to wear off and I certainly wouldn't want to go without. Eating is ok-ish, swallowing remains a little tricky especially if something is at all hot. I read on a NHS site about having 2 weeks off post - op ... no need at all. My partner informs me that i am still snoring, maybe not as loud, i'm holding out hopes of scar tissue forming and this supporting the palate..maybe i'm just kidding myself, time will tell. The clinic nurse has phoned with some sound advice and promises a further follow up call soon. I'm following the meds regime closely, the 'bad breath' (which no-one mentioned but is featured on some blogs) has appeared, how lucky my partner currently feels......Snoring, and breath like a buffalo...that'll teach her to complain :lol:
So, the jury is still out.... More soon



Post by mike » Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:17 pm

Ok, my final update, I hope its been of use. I last updated after 5 days, i had been warned by the clinic that the pain would 'peak' about day 9. It would be fair to say, they weren't kidding. About day 8 1/2 and for the following 24hours the pain was very bad. Painkillers helped but I still had the 'I reallly can't take much more' feeling (I am a male after all..) As much as I can make light of it now, it was seriously unpleasant. As quickly as it came on, it subsided.
My partner reports that the snoring was reduced and as it has healed is now (almost) nil if I lay on my left side. (no idea why..)
All in all, a good result for me, not pleasant but in hindsight not painful except for the period above.
I would recommend the operation to others, i've had none of the difficulties in eating that others have spoken of and my breathing is SO much easier.
The promised series of follow up calls from the clinic only happened once, but i'm sure i would have been able to call them had i needed
Good Luck.



Post by Gordon » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:12 pm

I am surprised you still use LAUP and not RAUP in UK. The ENT doctors in Norway don't want to use it any more because of all the complaints. I am still strugling with further law suit after the damage done by the LAUP. Anyway, LAUP is very dependent of the ENT doctors skills. Also in Switzerland they don't often do LAUP.

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