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Somnowell Issues

Discuss your experiences with the various products that may or may not help you to stop snoring
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Somnowell Issues

Post by Kirstenhobby » Fri May 06, 2016 9:18 am


Just thought I 'd put this out there in case anyone else has had similar issues to myself.

I bought a Somnowell via a Manchester dentist back in April 2015. Compared to other cheaper devices have tried I would have to say it was great although to be fair I still did snore sometimes when wearing it.

Unfortunately after 9 months it broke while I was wearing it with one of the side links getting bent and then popping of the rivet that was holding it together. This is when the real issues started and I now feel justified in saying that Somnowell's customer service was absolutely appalling.

First they wanted to charge me £550 to fix it despite it only being 9 months old and then they went on a 'go slow' and now claim to have lost my dental impressions (the originals which I returned and a second set the dentist made for me).

So it is now approaching 3 months since I returned the broken device and I am still without a replacement...

4/5 for product
0/5 for customer service

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