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Sleep Apnea, Anxiety and Strange Sensations

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Sleep Apnea, Anxiety and Strange Sensations

Post by Guest » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:18 pm


I am a first time poster. I was diagnosed many years ago when I was around 23. I am now 38. I am obese and this was given as the reason for my OSA.

On first diagnosis I was given the CPAP machine. I have to admit I found it unbearable to sleep with and pretty much gave up trying. At the time I was in hospital for severe anxiety and depression. I have suffered with panic and funny feelings for nearly twenty years now, went through not too bad times with it, but the last two months have been so bad, I am back on meds.

What I want to know is do other OSA sufferers have the same weird and scary feeling I do? I bite my rouble regularly, to the point of bleeding. I gave the strangest feelings in my head, can be like pressure or just a feeling something is not right. I get a whooshing sound in my ears and sometimes ringing. Sometimes it really feels like I am about to just die. This is all during or just waking from sleep. Is this sleep apnea related? Dr's look at my like I'm crazy when I ask them and sau they've never heard of it.

I also just got diagnosed with diabetes. This has prompted a huge lifestyle change, so I am hoping thiss
will lead to an improvement in my OSA.

Please if you have had any of the above symptoms, let me know, would be so good to not feel so alone in this.

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Re: Sleep Apnea, Anxiety and Strange Sensations

Post by Sleep2Snore » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:17 pm

With OSA people have reported hallucinations and hearing pops, bangs, wooshing sounds in their head, though most either do not report such things or ignore them. However, I have had like a "Bang" noise when just awake, or a "Pop" noise. I put it down to dehydration, as it goes away after I have something to drink. Hallucinations are quite common before treatment.
CPAP is not comfortable, but trust me, if you get the right mask that can work with you, you get used to it and in the end, you fine it almost impossible to sleep without it.
Loosing weight will help you, if you are carrying a lot of weight, however, it might only be a pound of weight that swings it to off or OSA.
Especially if you have a big neck.

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If you have any questions do ask.
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