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big G
Corporal Snorer
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Post by big G » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:21 pm

A few days ago I finally had my overnight sleep study,

However, did no go well,found sleep hard to get with all the sensors and wires, twice I had to get the chest band loosened the one on my through moved the one on top head coming off. And splitting head.

To top it all was so stressed with stuff that happened through the day. Having marriage counselling, as so close to splitting up, and big argument hours. Fell out with mum, due to house get put on market.

Nurse said was really restless, but showed some structured occasions. Didn't know if enough results to offer Cpap but speak to dr. Doc says try to get results quick, but prob not enough and see GP to get my anti depressants changed to help sleep.,

Sign up says normal scoring analysis backlog is four month from study.

Feel absolutely gutted, waited six month and all happens and messed up.

That's thT then,


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Re: Gutted

Post by Sleep2Snore » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:32 pm

What happened to your English?

Don't worry about it to much big G.

Ah well, these things happen, the fact you were stressed with all that on your mind I doubt you would have slept anyway.
What I did (was more or less told to by the man in charge at the hospital) was to go into the city and have a meal and a couple of pints.
This would make me sleep easier and give me the results at their worst. He may have been joking, but he looked serious, so I did just that.
I wish I had left out the two pints and stuck to nips (drams) as I was only half an hour into being connected up and I needed to go to the toilet :lol:
At this point I was beginning to wish I had accepted the bottle she offered me, however, I had a strong bladder back then and decided I wasn't going to push the buzzer, just go to sleep. No accidents during the night, but good results after my two pints, plus I saw him next day and he looked at my results. I don't think that happens there now as he retired.
People have to wait, but I told him I couldn't come back easily as it took all my time to drive from Aberdeen to Edinburgh.
He said he would do the study that night (though I waited long enough to get to see him in the first place) and he would see me after breakfast the next day (though I might have to wait) which he did. I was also in luck as he said I might have to take a second hand machine, however, when he phoned he was told new machines had just arrived, so he told them to set one up and he would sent me across to get fitted out.

Strange thing was (though this had nothing to do with how I was treated) I just happened to say that I knew someone of the same name and he spoke the same way and that his name was IAN and he works at ******* and he is my fathers boss. "Yes, he is my brother."

What's the chances of that happening? :)

Don't worry to much about it, go to your doctor and explain what happened the week leading up to the sleep Study and get him to contact the Sleep Clinic and ask the consultant to check your results to see if they were any use, if not get him to explain why to the consultant. If they are no good ask your doctor to ask for another test. This time you should be less stressed, you can take a mouthful of Vodka teo hours before you go for testing. That should give you results and make you relax a bit!

Shame all these things had to go against you at that time. :(
S2S - Sleep2Snore

big G
Corporal Snorer
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Joined: Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:10 pm

Re: Gutted

Post by big G » Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:57 pm

Sorry my English and grammar are schocking, failed English twice at school.

I have an apt with GP anyway as sickline run out.

I am going to go with that option, but in the eventuality that I can't get any further with the NHS, or have to go back to the start of the queue, does anyone have a fought estimate how much it would cost to go private.

I I did go this avenue, and required a machine, would I still be able to get that off NHS?



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General Snorer
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Joined: Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:20 pm
Location: Aberdeenshire

Re: Gutted

Post by Sleep2Snore » Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:24 pm

Big question!
I would talk to your doctor first or write or phone the Sleep Clinic to see if they will accept a diagnoses from a private clinic.
If you are in England, this might still cause you a delay as they have to apply for funding for each patient (or at least they had to not that long ago, so I assume they still have to). It would depend where you are in the country and if you are prepared to have a home test or tested in a Sleep Clinic.
For a Study from this site look here and if you look down the page you will get a CLICK HERE FOR PRICES. I would recommend at least two nights home study if not three as it takes a night to get used to the machine, then a night to settle and a hopefully good nights sleep. But it will depend on yourself. You can call British Snoring for details or fill in the form on the page.
If you want a Sleep Study done in the Sleep Clinic it will be more expensive, you will need to ask for prices.
There is also The London Sleep Clinic if you are in London or can get there, a home sleep study from them is £450.00. One night?
It is best you are tested in a Sleep Clinic, wired up to a monitoring station for a polysomnography, but of course this will be expensive, around a £1000 at least. But it will give you the best results. Best way is to ask for prices where you want it to be done.

British Snoring have a good machine, but it is a costly and I would recommend more than one night on it, it is the Black Shadow Home Study machine, but you will need help to get connected up to it.

Some people have had a home study done, got their own machine and asked the NHS clinic if they will maintain it, some clinics have agreed to do this, but they must have your prescription for a machine and some will only look after it if you sign it over to them. However, there are cost savings in doing this. Other clinics will not do this, so you need to find out these things before you take the plunge.

I know it is a long wait for the NHS and if they give you a home study and it comes up negative, it is hard to get another study unless you get your doctor on your side.

Have a look at the page above and see if you want to go down this route or can afford to do this.
If not, just make a pest of yourself at your doctors.

Good luck in what you decide to do.
S2S - Sleep2Snore


Re: Gutted

Post by Guest » Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:09 am


For what it's worth I was offered a (NHS) home sleep study but after a four week wait for the preferred hospital (the one providing the equipment & handling my case going forward) I went back to the GP and asked for a change of hospital, they agreed. Is this an option for you?

Two weeks later I had the home sleep study (OSA confirmed) and given a manual machine. Wanting the best sleep I purchased two private CPAP's (one for home and a lightweight battery powered Transcend for night away - a regular thing) which the NHS supply the "consumables" for (mask/hose etc). If you are concerned about the results being skewed you need to discuss with the GP and persuade them to agree another test.

Could it be that your issues are the cause of your sleep problems rather than OSA - just a thought?

Best wishes whatever you decide to do.

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