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Hmm Do I have sleep apnoea?

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Hmm Do I have sleep apnoea?

Post by Guest » Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:49 pm

Im 49 and overweight. BMI probably 33-35.

Wife says I snore a lot and sometimes appear to stop breathing when Im sleeping.

Recently Im always tired. Not so much during the day but as soon as I sit down I'm aslee. Like 8pm.
Also, if sit in my car at lunchtime Im asleep in seconds.

Not been to GP or anything like that.

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Re: Hmm Do I have sleep apnoea?

Post by Sleep2Snore » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:03 pm

Quite possible you have, but there can be other things make you tired, but if you snore badly or as you say stop breathing, that makes it more likely. You should go and talk to your doctor about it and do mantion Sleep Apnoea to him as well.
You can do some checks yourself, you can download SNORECLOCK instructions are on the page, check if you do stop breathing. Short stops in breathing are normal, but if over 10 seconds it can be a good sign you have or are developing Sleep Apnoea.
The other thing you can do is buy an Oximeter from somewhere like Amazon, make sure it stores the date.
If your oxygen levels drop to lower 90s or less that could indicate you have a problem, if you get one with a clock on it you can see if the drops are at the same time as when you stop breathing. Then take this to your doctor and discuss this with them.
Depending on the make on your phone/tablet.iPab, you may need to have it very close to you when recording your sleep.
You have two choices, you can find out how long the NHS in your area will take to give you a Sleep Study or go private. Now, if you have a private study done, you can still ask for an NHS appointment, while you are waiting you can get a private Home Study or in a Sleep Clinic. You can then take the results with you to the NHS appointment, or get your own machine privately. Choice is yours, but do not ignore it and hope it will improve, as it won't, unless you put your mind to loosing a fair bit of weight, this works for a lot of people, but not all.
It is very hard to loose weight if you do not have the energy to do it, so the chances are you will need a machine to give you back some energy in order to loose the weight and get active.
It made such a difference to me I was like a new man again. So go to your doctor and discuss it, it might be better if you at least record your sleep, but not required.
If you want to push things along quicker you can do a home study, this would mean getting a machine hime for a night, however, one night can be troublesome as it is not normal to have to be connected to a machine blowing ait at you, so it is better if you go for a two or better a three night study and the better the machine the better the results, though the best machines need assistance to get fitted up for the study. I don't know where you are, but there is the London Sleep Clinic if close to London. If near Hull you can get a machine and your results from Hope2sleep or you can get it done at BritishSnoring here.
It is up to you what route you take but do not ignore it, go and seek help.
The doctor should do a thyroid test and some other blood tests as this can also make you sleepy, however, if you stop breathing and your oxygen levels drop, it is possibly Sleep Apnoea. I think you already know this is a strong possibility.
There is information here on the main site and on Hope2sleep sites.
What ever you decide to please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

You can also get studies done elsewhere, but be aware there are some dodgy ones about.
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Re: Hmm Do I have sleep apnoea?

Post by wemusthavewaffles » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:25 am

I'm new to this forum but if I can offer some advice.
if you decide to go down the NHS route then insist on an overnight study and not a home study.
I had the home study done and it diagnosed me with moderate sleep apnoea which resulted in a cpap trial.
when I looked at their data from the study I challenged the result because they recorded significant sleep events when I was awake as proven by a video recording I took of the study. Hospital refused to accept that the resmed machine could have been in patient study was eventually offered and guess what no significant apnoea's occurred during sleep. The home study machines don't know when you are asleep or what stage of sleep you are in. hospital spat the dummy out. no sleep apnoea. Good luck

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