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Mask irritation

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Mask irritation

Post by Guest » Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:10 pm

Hi guys,
I seem to be having problems with the skin around my lower lip and chin, sure this is caused by my Mask, anybody else have this problem? If so how can you stop it? I clean my Mask daily but I'm still getting a lot of spots.
Any advice please?

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Re: Mask irritation

Post by Sleep2Snore » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:52 pm

Your skin needs to be spotless as well if you tend to get this,
You might also have an allergy to the silicone but as it has not broken out anywhere else I suppose you can rule that oone out.
I take it that you have a Full-faced mask?
Do you drool at all, some people do with fill-faced masks, other don't.
You can get mask liners that should help, after you get some you can cut up an old Tee-shirt.
There are creams, but make sure they are safe for other words nothing that is petroleum based.
I didn't see one on this site, there is one on Hope2sleep but it is very expensive and I don't know if it works as never used it. ... cream.html
Do not over-tighten you mask as this will cause it to dig in and cause problems.
Check you mask in the right size for you as well and that it is not touching your lower lip causing a problem with the bottom of the mask rubbing on your bottom lip.
I think a mask liner might work, but they need changed often.
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Re: Mask irritation

Post by johnep » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:42 am

I had the same problem plus leaks. I sent off for mask liners, but expensive. So, I made a template and started trying various materials. I tried, thin cellulose foam sold for kitchen use, but this is hard when dry. also foam board from an art shop, but too hard. In the end sent off for lint and this was fine but still pricey. I then discovered soft absorbent dusters in Tesco for a set of three. Each one will give 4 masks, ie 12 masks liners for £1.
They are dyed yellow which does not effect me, if so then try the lint which is about £6 for 100grm roll.
Ideally, i would like to try some thin Tempur foam as used in the F10 resmed mask.
Leaks have stopped and irritation virtually gone.

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