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diagnosed today, can anyone help with a few questions pls?

Talk about all aspects of sleep apnoea. Request help from others with the same problem, tell your story, exchange tips & techniques ..
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diagnosed today, can anyone help with a few questions pls?

Post by Vinata335 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:36 pm

Hello, how great to find this forum. Will try not to make this too lengthy but I'm pretty worried, a bit scared and confused. Had a sleep study(?) undertaken at home, wired up to a machine) through my local hospital. Saw my gp today and given positive diagnosis of OSA. I now have to wait for a CPAP machine and have been told it will be a LONG wait.

I'm female, 40, not overweight and have a pretty severely underactive thyroid for which I am well medicated (at least I know I am now and that it's the OSA causing extreme fatigue and not being poorly medicated for the thyroid). I (finally, after many, many months.. years acually) of severe fatigue, pretty much diagnosed myself - difficult not to, last few months I have been waking (completely) with my airway closed, choking and unable to breath.

I've got so many questions I don't know where to start and I'm sorry if I sound like a petulant child; I'll admit to feeling a bit scared, sitting here tearful and wondering what it all means.

My GP (she's lovely but a bit useless, didn't want to refer me in the first place because I "couldn't possibly have OSA due to my age, sex and weight") mumbled something about sleep apnoea being more common in hypothyroid patients and she seemed to think this was due to the excess weight that hypothyroid patients carry... apart from the fact I am not overweight. Are hypothyroid patients more prone to sleep apnoea? if so, can anyone please tell me why?

Is it dangerous? I've looked at two websites this evening that advise carrying a 'medical warning' card in case I should fall unconscious. I am also due two surgeries later this year - is having OSA a danger with anaesthetics?

My partner is trying to make light of the whole thing by already calling me Darth (I guess he thinks that's original but everyone here could probably tell him different) and offering to buy me a light sabre too. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.. in fact I did both.

The vain bit.... how DO you wear a large mask, all night, sealed around a large part of your face without spending you're waking hours with a permanent imprint on your face?

It's ridiculous, I'm actually now afraid of going to bed. Sorry for the ramble, I feel so angry and dont really know why.
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Re: diagnosed today, can anyone help with a few questions pls?

Post by Swindonian » Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:35 pm

I thought you would have had lots of responses by now which is why I held back. A diagnosis of O.S.A. is to be taken seriously. I was diagnosed 13 years ago and have been on cpap every single night since and it is possibly a life saver but definitely a life changer in a good way. It is sufficiently serious for me to carry a medical alert card just like my wife does for her warfarin medication, this is to ensure that the emergency services would re-act appropriately if necessary. With regard to your surgeries, I have had three surgeries since I started on cpap and my Anaesthetist refused to give me general anaesthetic due to O.S.A. so I had a spinal injection as my operations below waist level. I even took my cpap machine and own music into the theatre. My dentist also takes it seriously and allows me to sit more upright as my throat will definitely close if I am horizontal and on my back, he also insists on me wearing a fingertip pulse oximeter so that he can check my oxygen saturation levels. The sooner you can start on cpap the better for numerous reasons, if there is going to be a long wait to get the machine you could go private if you can afford it. With regard to the mask marking your face, this rarely happens if you are diagnosed as mild to moderate because the pressure is less but even if it is higher any marks should disappear by the time you leave the house in the morning. I wish you good luck and hope you get onto treatment soon. If I can be of any help please private message me.


Re: diagnosed today, can anyone help with a few questions pls?

Post by Guest » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:36 pm

I was diagnosed almost two years ago and was at first dismissed by my GP because with a 15 1/2 inch neck I wasn't in the ballpark for OSA but I was at the turnstiles waiting to get in... It wasn't until my partner described my agonal breathing where my body was trying to breathe but couldn't that she sent me for testing...

After I was diagnosed, it was a roller coaster ride... I too have a small airway and describe it now as the M1 linking to the M6 via a single track road with passing places. you compensate during the day but it goes to pot when you fall asleep...

I guess because I scored 32 on the Apnoea index when I was tested is the reason why I was seen so quickly. It took me some time to get used to it but please... persevere!!! It will take time, but when it does you'll reap the rewards...

Oh, and if you DO find a darth vader mask can you PM me where and how much?

Best of luck

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Re: diagnosed today, can anyone help with a few questions pls?

Post by Sleep2Snore » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:29 pm

Hi, Have you got the final diagnoses or have you to go to hospital for a proper Sleep Study?
That aside, in England they have to apply for funding for your machine (at least that used to be the case) and there will also be a wait to see the consultant at the hospital before they can apply for a machine.
If you do not want to wait you can go private, or you can get your prescription for a CPAP machine and go buy one from ResMed or Philips. They tell me the ResMed machines are slightly better, but that is subject to opinion. You can buy them from a few sites, but you must have a prescription. However, it does not stop there, you need a hose (not a problem) but you will also need a mask Full-faced, Hybrid, Nasal or Nasal Pillows. Nasal pillows are easiest to get on with if you breath through your nose, though air can leak through your mouth. These just go onto your nostrils. The Nasal Mask goes over your nose but you can get problems of air leaking into your eyes or out your mouth. Full-faced masks cover your mouth and nose and are required if you breath through your mouth. These can leak if not a good fit. The mask will be the biggest problem you will have I suspect, but do not let it put you off.
If you can got one I would go for a ResMed Airsense10Autoset, this machine will adjust to your needs, though they are better if you tune it more to nearer the pressure you need.
Do not worry about you needing a CPAP machine, more people have them than you think and I bet you know a few people that use one and you don't know it.
As far as surgery in concerned, tell the surgeon and the anaesthetist when they come to visit you in hospital. Also, if you get a letter from the hospital with the secretaries name and phone number on it, phone them and tell them you have Sleep Apnoea so she can alert the surgeon and they can plan better for you coming in.
They have machines that can breath for you. I was in for an Operation and the anaesthetist said it was not a problem as long as he knew about it.
Marks on your face, depending what mask you have, but people overtighten them. If worked properly the marks left go quickly in the morning. Failing that there is mask liners and special creams (not petroleum based as they can destroy the silicone seal on the mask) so there is things that can be done if you are unlucky and do get marks that stay longer.
So it is not the end of the world.
Tell your boyfriend to go and grow up. He may be trying to make light of it, but a joke is a joke and he is a bit immature.
You can even get masks made of cloth (though not cheap or lasts long) but once you get used to having a mask on every night all night it just starts to feel normal. In fact it will come to the point that you will not sleep without it.
So stop worrying, it might be a bit of a wait through the NHS but ask your doctor to ask for an urgent appointment or once you hear from the sleep clinic ask them for a cancellation, but de be prepared to drop everything and go. If you have an employer, tell them you might get a phone call from the hospital for an appointment and you might get a cancellation and have to drop everything and go. This will then not be a surprise when you tell them you have to go to hospital. You do not have to tell them why, they will ask, but do not go into detail.
If we can help just let us know and we will try to advise.
I am not here as often as I would like to be so might be a few days before I answer.
By the way, your posts will be held back until you post a few times, this is normal.
I have been on CPAP for 20 years, so nothing to worry about.
S2S - Sleep2Snore

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