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Newbie husband refuses to admit he has a snoring issue

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Newbie husband refuses to admit he has a snoring issue

Post by Guest » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:49 pm

Hi everyone
My husband is 53 and snores badly .
Although I have a bad back the snoring hasn't helped as I have left our marital bed and now sleep down stairs .
Although I'm more comfortable this isn't really the best option.
Also I need a good quality of sleep due to my depression as a lack of sleep really affects this quite drastically. This has been going on this way for 4 years .
It's has now come to a point where my son is home from university and can't sleep due to his room backing on to ours the snoring at times even I can hear from the living room where I sleep .
Both our children have chronic fatigue syndrome so need night of no disdurbing noise .
I have tried in vane and told my husband he needs to see a doctor .but he point blankly refuses to see its him at fault .
I feel if he does nothing it will end the marriage and break up our family.

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Re: Newbie husband refuses to admit he has a snoring issue

Post by Sleep2Snore » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:15 pm

Either record him on a mobile phone or a tablet and tell him the recording is on it of him snoring and just leave it for him to listen to. But don;t throw it at him, just tell him it is there and leave it lying for him to pick it up to listen to. Just say to him that it has got to the point no one is getting sleep in the house and you will be there to support him, but it can't go on like this, tell him you will go to the doctor with him if he wants you to.
Lay down the recording and walk away to another room. Do it when he is alone, maybe just after he has gone to bed, just lay it at the bottom of the bed and leave. All you can hope for is he does something and takes it the right way.
If he does nothing, try talking to him without loosing tempers and say you will go with him if he wants to the doctor.
There is nothing much else you can do!
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