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Home Sleep Study

There are few health complaints that directly affect the lives of others but snoring and sleep apnoea can have a devastating effect on the health and lives of our loved ones. We know there are 15 million snorers in the UK but it may not be known that there are around 600,000 of those snorers who are unaware that they are suffering from the more serious condition of sleep apnoea.

Although there are certain parameters we use to identify individuals who are likely to suffer this condition, the most accurate means of diagnosing sleep apnoea is for the individual to undergo a detailed in-patient over night sleep study or Polysomnography (PSG) as it is universally known. The most common form of sleep study will be a simple pulse/oximetry which measures only the heart rate and blood oxygen saturations.

Whatever health complaint we are experiencing we are naturally keen to start investigations and treatment just as soon as we can. If you suspect you have sleep apnoea you will probably visit your GP and ask for a referral to a specialist consultant. It may then, but not always, be recommended you have a sleep study. Although NHS waiting times are greatly improved, there is still a delay.

But help is at hand. We are now able to offer the latest and most technically advanced domiciliary sleep study equipment available. This means we can offer a service that is in many instances superior to that which is provided by the NHS.

Our Grey Flash Unit made by Stowood Scientific Instruments can record the following parameters:

Grey Flash Home Sleep Study Unit
  • Blood oxygen saturation
  • Heart rate/pulse
  • Body movement and position
  • Oral & nasal airflow
  • Patient events
  • Time
  • Snoring sound data & wave form
  • Re-playable & calibrated data
  • Plethysmography
  • CPAP pressure

There is no need for a referral. You can have your sleep study at a time when it is convenient to you, and in the comfort of your own home. We will download the information the next day and a written report will be available within 5-7 days. Regardless of whether you have sleep apnoea or are just a snorer, we will make recommendations as to treatment options. We will also provide the treatment (CPAP treatment will need a doctor's letter or prescription). The charge for the overnight sleep study and report is £300.00. Your private and confidential sleep study report can also be sent to your GP if you wish.

Please Note: Women who snore are far less likely to have sleep apnoea than men. If you are a snorer you will not necessarily develop sleep apnoea and if you do, your signs and symptoms are likely to be different to those of men. You may wish to consider an initial consultation in our sleep clinic where you can be seen by a female specialist in women's issues of sleep, snoring and sleep apnoea who will advise on treatment and further diagnostics if necessary.

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For the sake of your health and that of your loved ones, why wait 48 days when you can have your sleep study tomorrow? Just call our helpline and we will make all the arrangements for you.