helping you to stop snoring today // April 2006 - Issue Nine

Rhynil - Extra strong formula spray to stop snoring

Rhynil is applied to both the nose and the roof of the mouth. It is a stronger formula than the original Snore Calm Herbal Spray.

The formulation of Rhynil was originally proposed by a member of the Institute of Medical Herbalists in 1992. Due to its astringent properties, this herbal spray is used to treat snoring caused by 'palatal flutter'.

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  National Stop Snoring Week 2006

ZZZZzzzz - National Stop Snoring Week 2006 Does snoring make you MAD or is there a miracle cure?

Please call Marianne Davey on 01737 245638 or email: if you would like the full press release.
New Products

New to buy this month - Nytol Nytol Herbal 28tabs for natural sleep, the Breath Remedy Tongue Brush & Oolitt elite Tongue Cleanser to remove odor causing bacteria created when mouth breathing.

The Mack's Shut-Eye Shade Sleep Mask, the original premium sleep mask, has become an instant top seller.

Snoring In The News* Study Indicates Snoring May Run In Families (Chest, April 2006)

Scientists in the United States looked at 681 infants with an average age of 12 months. They found that children with at least one parent who snored frequently were three times more likely to snore than those without snoring parents. Although snoring is often seen as a joke, it can have serious implications. Studies of older children and adults have linked snoring to behavioural problems, mental impairment, and heart and metabolic disease. Find out more

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea (BBC Radio 4 - Check Up, March 2006)

Guest: Prof Neil Douglas, president of the Royal College of Physicians and Director of the Scottish National Sleep Centre.

Snoring is anti-social - but did you know that it can be bad for your health? A short jaw can affect the position of the tongue, creating a narrower throat space and restricting the flow of air. The characteristic noise of snoring is a result of vibrations in the area at the back of the nose and throat an din the voicebox. Obesity increases your risk of snoring. Find out more, listen to the show or read the full programme transcript

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