snoring remedies and
Old Wives Tales

When searching the Internet, you often find old wives' tales proclaiming that they will stop you snoring. We are looking for volunteers to put some of these to the test.

Choose one of the remedies below to try for a week. Keep a daily record perhaps with photographs or a video diary and submit the results below.

You may try more than one of these remedies but only try one at a time.

Decide which remedy you'd like to try from the list below.
Try it for up to 1 week and keep track of any changes in your snoring.
Report back to us with your conclusion. Did it work?

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Press Releases

  • Mar 2012

    Volunteers will use a chosen remedy for one week and report their progress with video diaries.

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  • Jan 2012

    Old Wives Tales. This year during National Stop Snoring Week we will be looking at old wives tales to see if they have any merit in modern medicine.

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We hope you find this information useful - if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. We welcome all enquiries. You may also like to take a look at our forum as that also contains many answers to commonly asked questions.

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