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Nasal Hygiene & Allergy Relief

Cleans the nose naturally, gently, and effectively. A compact and convenient nasal douche solution.

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" My first nasal douche "
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Rated (3/5)
on the
Okay so I had septoplasty and was advised to wash my sinuses twice a day. Not know what to look for in nasal douches, I bought this and a NeilMed sinus wash bottle to see which type was better. To keep this short I would recommend the NeilMed one over this. This one has more parts to wash (4 to 2), is more awkward to hold and squeeze when doing the washing and costs more. I think NeilMed have hit the nail on the head with their version and so I can't give this product any more than a 7 out of 10. It works fine, but just isn't as good.
Rated 4.2/5 based on 3 reviews