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Tomed SomnoGuard SPX

Mandibular Advancement Devices

This latest Mandibular Advancement Device from the famous German manufacturer Tomed GmbH is unquestionably the very best prefabricated oral device to control snoring and OSA on the market.

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Tomed SomnoGuard SPX
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" Tomed SomnoGuard SPX "
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I believe this new mandibular device rewrites the text books. On receiving my new Tomed SomnoGuard SPX I was sceptical. It looked flimsy, light and genuinely as though there was not enough of the mouldable material in the trays to form a good bond with my teeth. Forget what you know this device when fitted correctly actually clicks on your teeth. The connectors are loose allowing for more movement and the varied angles of movement will guarantee a longer life whilst keeping the device in position. I am thoroughly thrilled with this product and I have now had to change my bed times to allow for the fact that I need less sleep and I feel much better during the day. The guard also looks like it is not protruding as much once moulded but you really need to experience it first to understand if you need to shorten the connectors. This device is a revelation and needs to be tried to as it will change your opinion of the other devices radically. I cannot recommend this more highly.
Rated 5.0/5 based on 1 reviews