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AirPlus Nasal Strips (100 Pack)

Nasal Strips & Dilators

Buy in bulk and save. 100 strips loose in a bag with instructions.

AirPlus Nasal Strips (100 Pack)
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40 Reviews (Rated 4.5 / 5)
Product Description

The most affordable European made, branded & boxed nasal strip on the market. Bulk package, under 15p per strip!

These are made from allergy-tested polyethylene and special adhesive. AirPlus Nasal Strips gently open the nostrils making breathing easier. There are no known side effects. This treatment is ideal for those who suffer from allergy, small or collapsing nostrils, colds and snoring.

AirPlus Fitting

AirPlus Nasal Strips are available in one size, medium/large, and are suitable for most adult noses.

Product Images
  • AirPlus Nasal Strips (100 Pack)
  • AirPlus Nasal Strips (100 Pack)
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Graham Attrill
29th Feb 2016

Quite simply the best nasal strips I have ever tried. A completely different design to the standard plaster with a metal strip through them, but a strip of plastic, with a very good adhesive. I won't try another style again. I don't snore, but do sleep with my mouth open, which dries up my mouth making me wake up and take a drink, which then forces me to go to the toilet an hour later! A vicious circle that has now been broken. Thank you :-)

Rated* * * * *
40 Reviews (Rated 4.5 / 5)
2 star