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BreathePure Nasal Air Filter (7 Pack)

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BreathePure Nasal Air Filter (7 Pack)
A disposable filtering device that fits in the nose to block most airborne particulates.

The BreathePure Nasal Air Filter is a disposable filtering device that works in the nose to block most airborne particulates such as allergens from being inhaled. Perfect for hay fever sufferers!

More comfortable than masks, the BreathePure NAF is ideal for chores around the house, in the garden or workshop, and whenever the wind is creating airborne debris. BreathePure NAF removes 97% of the particles 7 microns and larger. This includes particles associated with pollen, sneezes, and dust mites, as well as a majority of particles from fungi and spores, human hair, household dust, and pet dander.

The BreathePure NAF won't significantly restrict breathing as it filters out particulates.

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28th Mar 2014
Reviewed by Tricia Kidd

I'm not sure exactly what's wrong with my nose. The Doctor was treating me for Rhinitis, but the more I look into it, the more it feels like empty nose syndrome. I got the filters based on the idea that they would remove airborne particulates. But find myself using them at night. They're quite soft and comfortable and the airflow through my nose is instantly better. I may have a collapsed nostril and they help with that. But I also thing that the filter has the effect of improving the air flow. I like them.

Rated ★★★★★

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