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JOYCEone Nasal Mask

CPAP Masks

Nasal mask for sleep therapy and ventilation that fits nearly every patient.

Please note : The price for this product is shown excluding VAT. If you are purchasing this item for the treatment of your obstructive sleep apnoea, you are entitled to claim VAT relief.

JOYCEone Nasal Mask
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1 Reviews (Rated 5.0 / 5)
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Product Description

JOYCEone is the nasal mask that always and immediately fits. No more difficult and time-consuming adjustments are required. See for yourself how quickly and easily a mask fitting can be. Simply put on the JOYCEone mask and your fitting is complete. The mask cushion and forehead cushion have been developed to adapt automatically to the shape of your face with the goal of making your therapy comfortable and effective. With JOYCEone you will also see how easy it can be to handle a ventilation mask. Thanks to the color-coded headgear and clips, you can quickly assemble JOYCEone correctly. JOYCEone is also available as a full face mask.

Major features of JOYCEone:

  • Automatic adjustment of mask cushion and forehead support
  • Fool-proof assembly, thanks to color coding of headgear straps and clips
  • Extremely robust
  • WEINMANN SilkTec coating increases wearing comfort
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Quiet exhalation system
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  • JOYCEone Nasal Mask
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Frank O'Shea
25th Apr 2017

I am a long time sufferer of Sleep Apnoea. I have tried various types of masks and pillows in an effort to get a decent night's sleep. Some masks are troublesome. I found it difficult to get a mask to fit properly. I regularly woke to find my face heavily lined from straps that attached the mask. OK, I had the mask on too tightly, but what could I do. If I wore it any looser, regardless of the size, air would escape. Also, I never got more than 2 months from any of the other masks available and cost is an important factor.With the Joyceone Nasal Mask, used in conjunction with a chin strap, I am getting excellent results. My PAP machine shows that I have on average 0.9 episodes of sleep apnoea per hour, per night. I wake up refreshed and I know that I have had a good sleep for the night.I have no problem giving your product 10 out of 10. well done.

Rated* * * * *
1 Reviews (Rated 5.0 / 5)
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