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Tomed SomnoGuard 3

Mandibular Advancement Devices

The most technically advanced simple oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea on the market.

Tomed SomnoGuard 3
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168 Reviews (Rated 4.1 / 5)
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Product Description

New SomnoGuard 3 - replaces SomnoGuard, SomnoGuard 2 and SomnoGuard DB

This new version of the simple one-piece boil and bite Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) has significant improvements over the original SomnoGuard. Customers said they wanted better retention - this has been achieved through the addition of ribbing on the inside of the channel walls. Deeper biting channels were also requested. The new SomnoGuard 3 has deeper channels than before. They wanted the channel walls to be more rigid during moulding, making the moulding process easier and more failsafe. The ribbing adds rigidity simplifying the moulding process.

The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association is very pleased to be able to bring you this greatly improved product. Early feedback on SomnoGuard 3 from established SomnoGuard users during pre-launch trials has been very positive and exciting. Like earlier versions, the SomnoGuard 3 has a hypoallergenic thermoplastic body, which becomes soft and mouldable after heating in boiled water. While soft, the appliance is fitted to the patient's upper and lower jaws, and when cooled it is ready to be worn at night. No special equipment is needed. It takes just a few minutes to fit.

Tomed SomnoGuard 3
Tomed SomnoGuard 3
Tomed SomnoGuard 3
Tomed SomnoGuard 3

Success rates between 50 and 80% in reducing snoring and RDI (Respiratory Disturbance Index) have been established in clinical trials. References, and published data are available on request.

Mandibular advancement devices are normally well tolerated but minor, temporary side-effects such as hypersalivation and morning discomfort are sometimes noted.

The average life span is about 12 months.

Because of its flexible nature it can be fitted to any size jaw.

None of the SomnoGuard products contain phthalates.

Product Images
  • Tomed SomnoGuard 3
  • Tomed SomnoGuard 3
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Clive
18th Apr 2017

This thing has changed my life literally. Prior to receiving this little mouth-guard I hadn't spent a night in the same bed as my other half for years. I have always snored, the noise level has varied between a light aircraft to a tunnel boring machine - add alcohol and you get jet fighter at mach 2.So this wonderful mouth-guard arrived. A quick read of the instructions, a pan of boiling water, some molding and Robert's your mother's brother. With some trepidation, but hope, I went to bed the first night hoping for at least a little improvement. My better half agreed to give it a whirl. In I slotted it, fitting over my teeth and gums snugly. It felt a little odd at first, and the sensation created some excess saliva, but I quickly fell asleep. To my amazement I woke the next morning to find my other half asleep next to me, not in the spare room with the door shut and a pillow over her head. On waking she told me that I hadn't snored.... not even once. There were some slobbering sounds as I dealt with the saliva, however this was nothing in comparison to the previous snoring. So - yes I salivate a fair amount. Yes it feels odd for the first few nights. Yes it's weird waking up with a mouthful of plastic / silicone. BUT I DONT SNORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rated* * * * *