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Nasal Strips & Dilators

Reduces snoring, dry mouth and morning tiredness. Available in Medium & Large sizes.

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155 Reviews (Rated 3.9 / 5)
Product Description

The Nozovent® nasal dilator is designed and made using a 'springy', flexible plastic (polyeteramid). It takes a little time to get used to, but with regular use most find that they forget its presence in the nose.

In position, Nozovent is anchored by specially designed nodules, which ensure that the device does not come into contact with the mucous membrane or become the cause of a nosebleed.


After use, clean Nozovent® thoroughly with soap and water. It can also be sterilised in boiling water. With regular use, the device will give good service for up to three months before needing replacement.

Nozovent is available in two sizes. The most common is Medium, but there is also a Large size, for people with well-developed noses. It is important that you choose the correct size, so that your Nozovent is secure. If necessary, you can individually adapt the wings using a small pair of scissors. Remove as much material as necessary to ensure a good fit and the best possible comfort.

Each pack contains 2 pieces.

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Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Julia
16th Oct 2017

I had reconstructive surgery on my nose which left my breathing impaired on one side. My doctor recommended I try Nozovent to help me breathe while sleeping and prevent snoring and a very dry mouth in the morning. I was dubious when I received the device but it has worked extremely well. I particularly like the fact that I can trim it to size, being made of plastic, as one of my nostrils is much smaller than the other (again due to surgery) and I was able to custom fit the device. Couldn't do without it now!

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