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Nasal Strips & Dilators

Supports the nasal cavity preventing it from collapsing during inspiration.

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136 Reviews (Rated 3.9 / 5)
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Product Description

Made of surgical grade stainless steel, this device will outlast all its rivals. Rather than enlarge the nostrils like other nasal dilators, the Snore-no-More gently supports the nasal cavity preventing it from collapsing during inspiration. Fitting quite deeply into the nose, it is sure to stay put all night long. Once in place very little of the dilator is visible so there is no need to be self-conscious.

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  • Snore-no-More
  • Snore-no-More
  • Snore-no-More
  • Snore-no-More
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by David Cromarty
28th Feb 2018

I didn't buy this product because I snore. For most of my life I have suffered breathing difficulties through my nose because my nasal cavities are permanently in a partial state of collapse. I have had many treatments prescribed to me over the years including undergoing very painful nasal surgery. Nothing worked. Until, that is, when a few weeks ago I discovered this product. It is simple to use and causes no pain when inserted to the nasal cavity. I now use it most nights to aid breathing during sleep, and also during the day sometimes, when my breathing is particularly restricted. The only visible part is the small connecting piece which sits almost invisibly at the base of the nose. Anyone who does spot it probably will think you are cool and hip for wearing a nose ring!! I could not recommend this product highly enough; it has changed my life.

Rated* * * * *