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Sterimar Isotonic Sea Water Nasal Spray 100ml

Nasal Sprays

A natural product especially designed for the nasal hygiene of children and adults.

Sterimar Isotonic Sea Water Nasal Spray 100ml
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49 Reviews (Rated 4.6 / 5)
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Product Description

Sterimar is a nasal spray based on sea water with its concentration of sodium chloride reduced to the level found in the human body. The sea water contained in Sterimar contains trace elements which offer a number of benefits. Copper, manganese, gold, silver are all valued for their antiseptic, anti-inflammatory or anti-allergy properties.

Presented in aerosol form and featuring a unique microdiffusion process, Sterimar is the gentle solution for decongestant nasal cleansing for all the family. The unique Sterimar microdiffusion technique consists of a GENTLE FINE SPRAY of sea water onto the nasal mucosa. The droplets of seawater produced by Sterimar are extremely fine, and so remain in contact with the nasal mucosa for a longer period. This prolonged contact enhances the penetration of the nasal mucosa by the trace elements.

Each dose of Sterimar delivered is aseptic. The anti-reflux valve prevents air from entering the can. The solution remains perfectly aseptic after each use. Sterimar can thus be used safely again and again until it reaches its expiry date, even after multiple uses.

The microdiffusion effect is produced by the specially designed Sterimar nozzle. The Sterimar exclusive nozzle is anatomically formed and self-blocking : it can be used as safely on the tiny nostrils of a baby as on those of an adult. Its graduated diameter adapts to all nostril sizes and prevents any risk of accident when inserting the nozzle into a baby's nostril. (The nozzle is incapable of causing injury or of penetrating too far into the nostril).

Product Images
  • Sterimar Isotonic Sea Water Nasal Spray 100ml
  • Sterimar Isotonic Sea Water Nasal Spray 100ml
  • Sterimar Isotonic Sea Water Nasal Spray 100ml
  • Sterimar Isotonic Sea Water Nasal Spray 100ml
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by Steven
1st Jun 2016

I seem to regularly get sinusitis and find that this helps temporarily relieve symptoms, enabling me to sleep or get on with my day without that crushing headache. It's no miracle cure, it just helps a bit. Easy to use and the nossle can be quickly rinsed under the tap to clean. The only bad thing about this was the time it took to receive the items. They weren't dispatched until a week after the order was accepted (and money taken), and then took a while to arrive. So if you need this in a hurry, maybe look on the High Street (although you'll pay a bit more).

Rated* * * * *
49 Reviews (Rated 4.6 / 5)