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Children And Snoring

There are several reasons why a child may snore. Children are prone to coughs and colds, which can lead to sinus congestion. Infected tonsils or adenoids can cause them to swell which may block the airway. Passive smoking is often a reason why children snore as the smoke can cause the nose, throat and mouth area to swell making it difficult to breathe.

Retrognathia jaw shape is often a problem in children as the jaw and facial structures will develop at a different rate. This usually resolves itself but if the problem continues it may be advisable to see your GP or dentist for further advise.

This page is part of the 90 Day Snore-No-More Plan. You may also like to consider the following causes :

Are you overweight?
Do you smoke & want to stop?
Will cause excessive muscle relaxation.
Can you breathe clearly through your nose?
Commonly associated with nasal stuffiness.
A common cause.
Do you sleep on your back?
Often transient but could persist.
Can result in failure to thrive.
Consider your hormones.
Loud snoring. Excessive daytime sleepiness?