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Nasal Based Snoring

Nasal based snoring can be broken up into two main categories, "small or collapsing nostrils" and "nasal stuffiness".

Small or Collapsing Nostrils

Small or collapsing nostrils can prevent you from successfully breathing through your nose. This encourages mouth breathing, and it is the air hitting the back of the throat that causes the snoring noise. By using simple nasal dilators you can easily remedy this problem. Nozovent is a plastic device that inserts into the nostrils and prevents them from collapsing. Similarly, Breathe Right Nasal Strips are positioned on the outside of the nostrils to open the nasal airways and prevent them from collapsing during inspiration.

Nasal Stuffiness

Nasal stuffiness is another common reason for mouth breathing, as we tend to breathe with our mouth open to compensate for not being able to breathe through the nose. It is essential that you find out what is causing the nasal stuffiness and treat it. Nasal and catarrhal congestion can be reduced by using our Rhynil which is safe for long term use.

You may also like to try steam inhalation. This is a tried and tested remedy and is very well worth a try. Alternatively, if your allergy persists you may find antihistamines can be very useful. Ask your GP for advice.


Allergic Rhinitis is a common cause of snoring. This allergic inflammation of the nose can cause the partial obstruction that gives rise to snoring sounds. Dust and the dung of the house dust mite can cause nasal congestion similar to the symptoms displayed by those individuals who smoke. The allergy related conditions of asthma and eczema are also associated with snoring problems.

Allergy to feather pillows and pet hair are a common cause of severe snoring. If you have feather bedding you may well find that by changing to synthetic fibre filled bedding you can eliminate the snoring overnight. Similarly you may be allergic to pet hair and your snoring may be worse if your pet has been in your bedroom or sitting on your bed. Substances such as perfumes, cosmetics, fabric softeners, air fresheners and insect sprays can all cause allergy type symptoms.

Physical Abnormalities

Your nasal problem could also be caused by physical abnormalities such as polyps. Polyps are a collective of mass tissue resembling a bunch of grapes. Their presence essentially blocks the airway. If you believe that you may suffer from polyps you should contact your local GP who will be happy to give your nasal airway a full examination.

This page is part of the 90 Day Snore-No-More Plan. You may also like to consider the following causes :

Are you overweight?
Do you smoke & want to stop?
Will cause excessive muscle relaxation.
Can you breathe clearly through your nose?
Commonly associated with nasal stuffiness.
A common cause.
Do you sleep on your back?
Often transient but could persist.
Can result in failure to thrive.
Consider your hormones.
Loud snoring. Excessive daytime sleepiness?