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Post by donjuan400 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:26 pm

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with osa about 5 years ago, and given a cpap machine. Since then i have never been able to use it for more than an hour,and given up.The problem is,i have a small lump in one of my nostrils,which is blocks the air most of the time.I have a nostril mask? which i tried using, but because of the cold air going over this lump it is really painfull and i have to take the mask off.I have tried loads of other masks,face masks etc, but because the nostril is blocked, i feel i am not gettiing enough air, so that mask comes off. What is worrying me now is,when i normally go to sleep after half an hour or so,my snoring starts because my airway closes as usual,but the last 3 days the airway seems to be closing after seconds of trying to nod off.This stops me getting any sleep at all.I am desparate for any help at all as i am shattered now.I am 51 and 13 stone,about one and a half stone over weight,but my neck size is about 17.5 inches,which i know is not good.Any help would be great please.

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Re: help

Post by Sleep2Snore » Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:19 am

Other thread. :?
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Re: help

Post by Swindonian » Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:44 pm

Hi, I am sure you will get many responses on this great site but I have 11 years experience of cpap/apap and before that 20 years of trying to be diagnosed so I will offer my personal advice as a patient. Like you I have had lumps or polyps in my nose and also a deviated septum, I had costly operations to correct these with little success and I found the answer in a heated humidifier which cost around £150 for most makes of machine. This was a godsend - most have settings from 1 to 5 which can lead to some wet tubing and wet masks if set too high for too long but worth every penny, in fact the warm moist air at whatever pressure appears to control the lump/swelling or even diminish it. The side affects of a heated humidifier are few and not worth considering, if you are on a budget speak to your local clinic, I can vouch for 3 which I have and am still using - Resprionics , Resmed and Devilbiss. With regard to the other problem concerning masks if you are able to afford it please try something new The FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask by Philips Respironics , I have one and it costs £175 but is a real lifesaver - I use it 4 or 5 times a year when I have a cold or catarrh and difficulty in breathing, it is cumbersome but fits the whole face from above the eyebrows to low chin and you look like a frogman BUT it works. I also had the same problem of jerking awake whilst trying to drift off and my doctor prescribed anti-depressants to ease my anxiety but it didn't help, I woke up hundreds of times whilst dropping off, I was already on Valium for muscle twitching and restless leg so I tried one before bedtime and it worked. After a while I gave this self medication up because I found that provided I did not lie on my back I could fall asleep for a few hours. My sleep is still not good but my apnoea's are now minor and known as hypoapnoea's ie tiny and less life threatening. I wish you well and I hope you get tons of advice from fellow patients. Eric

Corporal Snorer
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Re: help

Post by donjuan400 » Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:54 pm

Thanks Eric.I have been given a heated hose from the hospital,and it helps with the nose/lump problem,and it does not hurt as much.Im still having problems using the face mask or nostril mask,but i will just have to keep trying.

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