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Should I try a nasal dilator?

Talk about all aspects of snoring. Request help from others with the same problem, tell your story, exchange tips & techniques .. in fact, anything snoring related
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Should I try a nasal dilator?

Post by djmcbell » Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:20 pm

I'm having periods where snoring is mentally bothering me.

My wife and I have lived together for 10 years, and in that time have barely shared the same room while sleeping. It is annoying me no end. I've adapted to sleeping on my side. I've tried the stupid accupressure rings. Beconase. Flixonase. Mouth sprays. A few MADs. Nasal strips. Nothing seems to work.

The ENT says that I have a deviated septum, chronic allergic rhinitis, and something else which sounded quite complicated. But in other words, it sounds like my nostrils are smaller than they should be (they are quite small compared to other people's) and get blocked quite easily (they do usually feel like there's something up there and can get blocked up very easily, even when awake - I just assumed other people were like this).

But, bluntly, not much has worked. The nasal strips wouldn't actually grip my nose enough to hold the nostrils open, so am tempted to try the nasal dilator as the last last-ditch method. I don't actually snore a huge amount, but my wife is very sensitive to the slightest noise and will be woken up by anything - even wearing ear plugs.

(doesn't help that next door like to wake up at 3am and put the washing machine on / vacuum / clatter about in a terraced house)

Last time I went to an ENT though, she hardly glanced at my file, told me to get on the scales and said I needed to lose weight and that was it (apparently losing weight cures a deviated septum). Even though I told her I've been snoring for years, back when I was dangerously UNDERweight. Admittedly my BMI is 26-27 though.

So, anyone tried nasal dilators? Any good?

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Re: Should I try a nasal dilator?

Post by snoozimum » Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:52 pm

Hi there,

I am guessing you mean the small silicone nasal dilators that you insert into each nostril? (if it's something more sophisticated, I have no experience!). I bought the 'snorevents' from Amazon recently, and they did seem to help a bit (according to my husband!) although they didn't stop the snoring completely. I would probably say they're worth a go though - although not sure how comfortable they would be for you with a deviated septum. (I found them reasonably comfy - more so than the mouth guard, which I also tried!). I got four different sizes in a pack, so maybe one would suit you. But others may have better advice to offer!

I can't see weight being your main problem, as your BMI is not far above the acceptable range (although I am far from being an expert). Mine is significantly higher than that!

I am also prone to nasal congestion, and have used a lot of nasal sprays over the years - now wondering whether this may have a bearing on the snoring situation! :? My plan is to lose weight before I see a doctor, although I have been advised that I should seek medical help first.

I am new to the forum, although have been snoring for a few years now (not sure exactly when it started - maybe about 4 or 5 years ago, that I'm aware of).

Anyway, good luck - there are people on here with more experience and knowledge than me, who might come up with better answers!

Take care :)

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Re: Should I try a nasal dilator?

Post by Sleep2Snore » Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:22 pm

I would have thought that if your nostrils (NOSE) was narrow it would be a the bony part of your nose and nothing would help that, just restrict it even more. :?
I remember my father telling me he had trouble breathing through his nose and they took two steel balls on steel pins, shoved them up his nose and gave them a sharp dunt. He felt a sharp pain, follow by a crunching sound. After that he could breath through his nose without any problems.
Don't fancy it myself! :lol:
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