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Restful nights sleep

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Post by Restful nights sleep » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:10 pm

Ok. So for many years my long suffering wife has had to endure my snoring. She recently took up massage and discovered an oil that seems to have really helped us both and finally she is getting some well deserved sleep at night. We have purchased a doterra diffuser and aromatherapy oil (breath -respiratory blend).3 drops in the diffuser every night and set it off to run for an hour on the bed side table ( the diffuser is very quiet ) a drop under each nostril and 2 drops on my chest (rubbed in) does the trick. The aromatherapy oil smells a little like olbas oil. This has worked wonders for me . Hope this might aid others in getting some good night's sleep. Regards sleepy from Lancashire.

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