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Pillow and Posture

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Pillow and Posture

Post by Guest » Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:50 am

Good morning to everyone ,

I am 51 and have been told I have mild sleep apnoea , I have been given a cpap machine which I am trying at the moment with limited success . I have a bmi of approx. 23.4 and I am generally fit and healthy , althought do sometimes suffer with my sinuses . I have the feeling that the cpap machine is helping the symptoms not the cause and I have started doing throat and jaw exercises to good effect , which seem to be helping , one of the other things I am interested in is pillows and sleeping posture - I have a pretty slim pillow and make a concerted effort to sleep on my side , would anyone be able to offer some advise on the best types of pillow to help with posture and maintaining airway airflow ,

thanks in advance

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