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What signs will I see?

Talk about all aspects of sleep apnoea. Request help from others with the same problem, tell your story, exchange tips & techniques ..

What signs will I see?

Post by Guest » Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:41 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm British, living in The Netherlands. After a very long diagnosis trajectory, four weeks I began using an MRA (Mandibular Repositioning Apparatus) probably better-known as a brace which I wear at night. I have searched online but cannot find any answers to the questions I have, so I am asking here in the hope that there are "experienced" users of the brace who might be able to provide help.

1. I understand that it varies from person to person, but what will I "feel" or notice if the device is beginning to have a good effect? I have had years of debilitating tiredness and I still feel no positive improvement in that. Will I gradually feel less tired and more perky? How will I realize it is NOT having the desired effect and how long should I wait before I admit that it isn't working.

2. I have difficulty falling asleep with the brace in. Even after 4 weeks, I have difficulty closing my lips over the brace, which means my lips part and I tend to breathe through my mouth. This in turn means my mouth dries out and my tongue starts to "stick" to the roof of my mouth or the sides. This causes me to be very aware of the brace being in place and it disturbs me so much it can take 2 or 3 hours for me to fall asleep, not something that was previously a problem. I find myself "fidgetting" with my tongue to moisten inside my lips and constantly touching the device - I just don"t seem to be able to ignore its presence. How long does it take before I can just ignore it and fall asleep?

3. I am told that I have a large tongue and a small lower jaw so I understand that the tongue falling back when I'm asleep might cause obstruction. The test conducted overnight in hospital indicate that I stop breathing about 10 times an hour. However, I am noticing that even during the day when I am awake, I will suddenly take a very deep breath, and sometimes my tongue then vibrates against the roof of my mouth, like a daytime snore. This happens intermittently and is not like a proper snore-fest. Is this normal or is this something I should mention to the doctor?

4. In 2 more months, I'm expected to spend another night in hospital with electrodes glued to my head and body to monitor if there has been any improvement due to the brace. Is an improvement only measured in terms of fewer stops per hour, or does how I feel in terms of tiredness play a role?

I realize these are such very basic questions, but the stuff I have found gives symptoms and solutions but does not go into any description of what changes will be perceived as the treatment progresses. I should stress that although I find the brace invasive, I do persevere and I keep it in at least 5 hours if not all night, 5 hourse being the minimum recommended by the orthodontist who made the brace for me.

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Re: What signs will I see?

Post by Sleep2Snore » Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:41 pm

What you have is a MAD Mandibular Advancement Device.
I have never used one but they say you will dribble a bit until you get used to one and that your jaw may get quite sore until you get used to it.
I believe it can be quite painful for some at the start, however, stick with it if it works for you and things should improve. It will only work for Mild sufferers.

Others might be along that have used one.
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