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Newbe with huge leaks

Talk about all aspects of sleep apnoea. Request help from others with the same problem, tell your story, exchange tips & techniques ..
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Newbe with huge leaks

Post by Louisemmallen » Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:43 pm

Hiya I'm new to the cpap world and use a full mask but all of a sudden I'm getting the worst marks leaks ever to the point my face is red and burning from being slapped throw out the night...
I looked it up and it seemed I was doing it up too tight so I followed the online videos and loosened it off and adjusted once I had laid down etc but the leak was worst last night and I don't know what to do anymore it wasn't a huge problem before the humidifier got put on last week and I was given a new mask...
I am going to try the old mask again but that also leaked but not like this does and the old one tends to hurt my nose and make me panic but I've got to do something because I can't go on like this...
My partner has bought me a cpap pillow to see if that helps as I move about a lot but other than glue I can't see away around it...
Please help me please tell me in not the only one and it will get better because I know the cpap helps me I'm much better than I was but now the leaking is getting worse I'm feeling tired again and waking with headaches because of the noise and my face stings from being silicone slapped all night...

Thank you in advance xx šŸ˜˜

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Re: Newbe with huge leaks

Post by Sleep2Snore » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:48 pm

First thing I would do is go straight back to your old mask as a temporary measure.
Is it the same make/model of mask and the same size?

Masks are the biggest problem, so you are not alone in having problems with masks and leaks.
Not every mask will fit your face and most people have a few masks in their cupboard that does not work for them.
You need to keep the mask seal clean and your face washed so it is oil free.
Having said that, it is right that most people tighten their masks up far to tight, including me when I first started.
There was no one to ask when I started, only the Sleep Clinic and getting through to speak to anyone was almost impossible.
When you did get through you didn't get much in the way of advice, I would have been delighted to have forums that I could have asked questions to.

However, that is not helping you.
Firstly, the humidifier should make very little difference or none to the mask leaking.
The new mask is a bad fit.
You might need to try a few before you get the right mask that works for you.
What you need to do when fitting a mask is to put it on when you lay down, then tighten the straps just enough to stop any leaks, then turn on the machine. If you get a leak, adjust the mask until it stops. Do not overtighten, it will only cause marks on your face and it it digs in at the bridge of your nose will end up cutting into the skin and making it bleed. If you need something to cushion the bridge of the nose, you can get Gel cushions to help with that and leaks at the nose. Some masks require that you slide the mask up the nose to its resting place to seat the seal, so you could try that as well. I can't see the Gel cushions on here, but you can get them HERE as well as elsewhere.
There are also mask liners that will help with leaks, once you have bought a pack you can cut up old Tee-shirts and use them if you find they help.
I didn't find them on here, though I thought they were, but you can find them HERE as well.
There is also a page of good tips for new users as well, but I don't like the layout of their forum, it is not the easiest to use.
If you are new there are some tips HERE
There is also a lot of handy tips HERE but remember it is a shop and they are trying to sell stuff as well as give some good advice.
however, it is sound advice for the most part and is worth a good read.
If the mask they gave you is bad for leaks and it will not stop, then ask for a better fitting mask.
If need be, take your machine with you and if they will let you, try the mask before you take it home.
It is a bit hard to get used to CPAP, but after a while you will not part company with your new best friend.
It just take a while to get used to it and sort out the teething problems.
Need any more help just ask.
S2S - Sleep2Snore

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