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Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:47 pm
by Guest
My partner and I separated early in the year, but he had noticed i stopped breathing in my sleep, one day I woke up unable to breathe, he asked me if I could breathe, and I couldn't answer, sat up, panicking but unable to respond, or do much of anything, a few seconds felt like a lifetime, then out of nowhere I gasped and had an air rush. It terrified me. It was to happen again. I went to the doctor she mentioned that it could be sleep apnea and likely to be my weight, she said they have clinics but they'll lecture me about my weight and shook her head, (I'm around a size 18-20 but I was bigger in the past prior to the appointment). She made it clear that it's because I'm too big. Which upset me a great deal, I've been trying and it's coming off too slowly. (I'm also disabled). She didn't make the referral. That was a year ago or so. I looked it up, as you do when something is mentioned, I quit smoking it didn't stop it happening. I can't sleep for more than 3 hours a time very often, on the rare time I have, I wake up soaked in sweat with violent headaches, sometimes unable to move my head, and I can't stay awake a full day either. I struggle to remember things, even basic things like if I've just taken painkillers. Now my BP has risen, I'm on ramipril but it won't go down, I asked about the clinic, and if she'd refer me (A different doctor). She said there's no record of it, and no, she wasn't prepared to refer me. The gasping thing is now normal, even though it's scary when it happens. But I'm getting depressed, stressed and so tired it's made me cry, I just literally fall asleep,, and i'm struggling to function. (I drink heavily once a week to sleep more than 3 hours it's how I know what happens, that's not something I'm prepared to stop doing, I need to sleep, I have 2 children, and I have to function, even as badly as this, but, without it, it's worse). I told my mum about this a couple of months back, and she told me sleeps with a mask for it, it's not something I was aware of). I don't have money to do this privately so if it is, is there anything i can do to stop it on my own please? At least until I'm thinner to the point they will help, but that's taking too long, (so the weight thing I don't need mentioning).

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Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:32 pm
by Guest
You are describing my symptoms.
I lived like that for years.
I thought I was going off my head. Go to the doctors and ask for a sleep test. If they won't refer you go to another doctor until they do.
This is the most important thing you must do this year!!!
From being referred for the sleep test you go to your local hospital and the give you a box with some tubes and cables don't be put off. It measures your heart and oxygen levels. Turns out I stopped breathing 67 times an hour.
I was referred to the sleep clinic and placed on a cpap machine. From start to finish this process took about five months.
I have now been using the cpap machine every night for three years.
It has changed my life. The constant head fog and depression is gone. My memory is noticeably better. I can sit down without falling asleep and my wife would kill anybody who tried to take it away as she now gets a good night sleep.
Some people have problems adjusting to the cpap but I was so tired I fell asleep with it on and have never looked back. Don't get me wrong there are nights it bugs the life out of me but I always persevere.
I started to feel better straight away no more night sweats no more toilet breaks during the night. It took about a year for me to feel right in myself and shake off the chronic tiredness but the change is unbelievable. Don't take no for an answer you are not the depressed sad person you think you are you are just chronically tired. Get the help you need and deserve and get your life back

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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:08 pm
by Sleep2Snore
Well, sorry I am going to mention it. Drink will add weight fast!
Ok, there is not a lot of sugar left in some drink, but the energy from the sugar is still all there. The sugar is converted into alcohol, but all the calories are still there, and a lot of them!

You need to find out what is behind all this, I think there is a lot more going on than you are telling us.
However, it is none of our business what else is going on. However, we are not doctors here, but we try to point people in the right direction.
If you suspect you have Sleep Apnoea, it is not clear if this is a factor here, but you need to find out.
There is an App for a phone, tablet. or iPhone that can record you while you sleep. Depending on the sensitivity of the mick on your phone/tablet, it may have to be quite close to you. >>>Snoreclock<<< instructions are on the page when you download it.
You can also get a Oximeter from Amazon that can store how much your oxygen levels drop during the night.
The more it drops the more likely it is that you have a problem with Sleep Apnoea. These devices cost around £10 to £20, make sure they can store your readings so you can show it to a doctor.
Drink is not the way to go and it is just an excuse to drink.
Drink can cause you more problems than you are trying to solve.

After you get you data from the Snore clock (it can store data on the phone) and your readings off the Oximeter, you can judge for yourself if this is a problem. Then take the data to your doctor and let them see it.
I would go back and ask another doctor for another opinion, it is fine for them to say loose weight, but it is NOT easy to do if you have no energy! Even if you are disabled, you can move your arms, legs around and just fidget to loose some calories, however, if you have no energy you not be inclined to do this either.
I don't know if you have Sleep Apnoea or not, I think you will need to convince the doctors if they will not refer you to a Sleep Clinic. You might need the help of your ex if they have witnessed you stopping breathing.

First and cheapest thing to do is record your sleep, then if that is not conclusive you need to find out if your oxygen levels is dropping alarmingly during the night, however, you will need to be asleep for this, so if you can't sleep, your data may be only short spells of data, so you might need a meter with a timer, that way the Snore clock and the meter will have data timed on them.
However, go back, have a nice word with your doctor and explain what the problems you are having are.
Do not suggest anything to them at the start, just tell them the symptoms and let them suggest something.
Then suggest to them what you think is wrong with yourself, politeness and staying very calm often helps, so does asking for a second opinion politely.
Give it your best shot first.