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newbie to sleeping with full face mask

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newbie to sleeping with full face mask

Post by Guest » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:31 pm

two nights in and struggling with Amara view mask- first night struggled with air in my eyes (bought an eye mask - seems to have sorted that issue out) Ive managed approx. 4 hours per night then had to take it off as I was feeling like the air pressure was suffocating - its on 4 (is this high? - as I don't know the scale etc. I am a side sleeping and getting comfortable seems impossible- so trying to sleep on my back. Last night was difficult - I don't think I got much sleep - wife thinks I did but had issues with soreness around the bottom of my nose. Any tips or advice would be most welcome. I know its early days but dreading going to bed. :(

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Re: newbie to sleeping with full face mask

Post by Sleep2Snore » Thu Aug 31, 2017 11:21 pm

Almera View is a slightly smaller mask, though it be a Full-faced mask.
However, it should not be leaking air into your eyes if it is properly fitted and the correct size.
Sleeping on your back is not good at the best of times if you have Sleep Apnoea.
Try to sleep on your side if you can, yes I know it is not easy with a Full-faced mask, but it can be done.
Ikea sell a long thin cushion that I use for a pillow, it is only a few £'s and can be put horizontally or vertical on top of another pillow or on its own.
I find it works for me.
However, if it is the correct size of mask it should not be putting air into your eyes.
Sometimes a mask needs to be slid up the nose and into place, others are just placed on and the straps tightened just enough to hold it in place.
DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the straps, this can make leaks a lot worse, the mask should be fitted while you are lying down. Put it on, lay down, then tighten the straps, making sure the mask is seated properly around the nose. The way a mask seal works is that when the air pressure is inside the mask it pushes the seal against your skin, this forms the seal. If you tighten the mask up to much , the seal can't move to form a seal, so you get a lot of leaks.
It will leak when you move around, especially if your machine is at a low pressure of 4.
I think (though you never said) that it is an APAP )automatic pressure) machine you have, as 4 would be far to low for an CPAP (constant pressure) machine. 4 is low, 20 is very high but most machines can go to 22, though most people are set at around 10 to 16 on a CPAP machine and 4 to 20 on an APAP. Depending on what pressure you normally need 4 might be a bit low, the reason I say that is for comfort, the nearer the lower number is to the higher number the APAP get to the easier it is on you and the less chance it will wake you when it rises in pressure. I.e., if you needed 16 as a pressure that cleared your throat (as it is your throat that closes causing Sleep Apnoea) is 16, then the machine has to raise the pressure from 4 to 16 to do this, it will slowly increase it, nit all in a second, but it is quite a rise in pressure, this sometimes disturbs the user, though a lot of the time they are not aware of it. This is also what happens with Sleep Apnoea, you can't breath, so your body rouses just enough to clear your throat. It might be of benefit to you if you raised the lower pressure slightly, though you have not said what pressure the machine is set for.
You are new to this so I didn't expect you to post information needed to help you a bit more.
What you should post is:
1 Machine make and model.
2 CPAP?APAP/Bi-PAP machine
3 Pressure(s) it is set to (if you know).
4 Mask make and model (Which you have) and size if known. Whether it is a Full-faced, Nasal, Nasal Pillows or Hybrid mask. We do not know all the models and some have the same name but a different model.
5 Amount of AHIs you have (events) if you know what the were.
This is helpful to us to help you.

An eye mask would break the seal around the nose and make any leak even worse, although it might help with air going into the eyes, it will not help with your treatment. You do get mask liners and Gel pads for the bridge of the nose that will help seal the mask at the bridge of the nose.
However, if you got instructions with the mask read them carefully, it will tell you how to fit it correctly.
Here is a video that might help you a bit.:

The guy on the video is a Sleep Tech in America and he tries all the masks and uses them all for at least one night.
If you get dryness, ask for a humidifier or turn it up if you have one.

Hope this helps you a bit.
It would help if you opened an account, you will not get any crap mail and it will help your posts appear quicker, if you post as a guest, it take around three days before some posts appear. Depends how busy Dan is!

Any questions, just ask.

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Vince Green
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Re: newbie to sleeping with full face mask

Post by Vince Green » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:23 pm

Putting a mask on is a technique you really do have to master. The seals are a thin film and if you get the seal bunched up it will leak. Especially at the nose.

Watch as much stuff as you can on you tube, there is lots on there now. When I started out that's all I had. I used to put my mask on and lie on the bed for about half an hour experimenting and getting used to it all. Don't wait till bed time.

Strap tension is a thing you have to get a feel for by trial and error but it is important. Also I have found the straps give so you are regularly having to re-adjust

Pillows too are critical, a soft pillow will be pushing your mask off your face. I use an ikea orthopaedic pillow. Its hard but its so comfortable when you get used to it.

Think of it as a project because when you get the hang of it you will sleep like a baby.

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