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leng's dripple

Keep a diary here. Everyone can read your post ... it is _not_ private. Post things you feel may be useful for others to read.

Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:38 pm

I am in a wicked mood tonight it must be a full moon, the water is calling me :lol: but must watch out for the great barrier reef. :lol:

With OSA and cpap, came wave after wave of a complete new language; just settling to our bigger question English, then came texting now comes a complete new word game. I can see in 1000 years researchers will come across records of cpapers, and wondering if it means frequent toiletry habits, paying pooping prices for that simple breath of air.

Then there is ahi’s what are they? a new breed of blue fin tuna, always blowing themselves up, yet eating them in their sleep, what strange group of people they were, they must have suffered from some sort of artificial intelligence, yet with all that precaution many still inhaled several each night.

These groups all so fell into 3 other groups interfacing which involved blowing air into their partners ears and neck and connecting noses, another sought to protect there noses by covering them with antiquated design structures each night, and spending umpteen hours to stop them falling off or wetting them selves, yet the most radical group relied upon mounting pillows and prongs on which they impaled themselves, just not to make a noise they could not hear.

Yet as time developed, they all became masters of plumbing and avid gardeners with there expertise in using hoses and panties type became legendary. Off they frequently travelled taking with them metres of leads, battery packs and all manners of electrical connections with multiple yards of a stranger sticky substance named after their boss. GAFFA

Yet in thirty years, no one really knows what happened to that very strange fish addicted nose worshipping golf playing breed with a strange fetish for plumbing. But there is a thought that the newer DME devious machine equippers eventually drained them of all their powers of wind.

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Re: leng's dripple

Post by choosysue » Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:04 am

Leng ... WOW!!!

Am impressed!

Take care, Sue.


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:59 pm

Monthly cleaning day of cpap accessories made me look at the instructions of how often the machine needs to be seviced, also as my light was flashing on control panel "service due," rang the clinic, told me not to worry and bring it in next appointment, as long as filter is clean.

In checking what the flashing meant or if it had any more serious consequences, found cleaning instructions, mask and all silicone parts to be cleaned daily to remove any residue from your skin, but not to use baby wipes, ironic I have used them for past year with no problem, but looking closer, I note it is probably more clear when it describes no alcohol or anti bacterial based solutions to be used, I am aware some wipes do have alcohol as an ingrediant.

As wife said, "what's new you never use a rubber when pissed anyway".

With regards to placing of machine, they also make a particular point in not to be close or in direct sunlight as the sun can have consequences of pipe and silicone parts.


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:51 pm

ye still breathing, went to gymn this am, then did some management work for my charity I work twaddle for, rest well playing about, I have not seen much movement on the forum, but did try and do something on behaviours, but not very funny.

Sleep just and ordinary everyday thing we do, often ignoring consequences of lack of, sleep deprivation has been used in wars and terrorism as a form of torture to force victims to disclose information, when used as a form of punishment; it causes disorientation, confusion, delirium and desperation. Sleep having a stronger basic need than food and water. Simply, the human body cannot do without, and often adopts many strange and peculiar ways to get it.

All very normal realy, but consider if;
Do you nap if you pap?
Wheeze with your nighly breeze?
have a hose with your repose?

Well I decided to Breeze with my wheeze also hose before I repose, and finaly when my task is done I mask myself up for my nightly fight with the pillows, wrestless legs, and frequancy. I tried the garlic but made wind increase speed, I closed the windows and turned the heater up, yet still rained on me yet on a cloud in sight.

Yet positive mind structure is so essnetial when coping with CPAP. Remembering the safer person has or needs assurance, so give it a try and take that risk? when you switch on your pap, for that nap, wear your mac in, for that rain out!


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:54 pm

another few light ones, getting tired, can anyone else find something with cpap,

Cpap award scheme

1 Tornado oscar awards for, best hoser, best train impersonation without trying, best wedgie on our faces, the best imposture, the best twister in bed.

What is it called when a high pressure goes on vacation?

A Hiatus

How do winds greet each other?

A The high pressure says hi, the low pressure is more courteous with hello

One day a film crew was filming in the local dessert and an old guy wandered by and heard the director questioning his crew is it going to rain out? discussion took place but the cpap user responded did last night, won’t today. Tomorrow morning will be stormy foul, and muzzy.

The following day he was right so the director thought, wonder where that old guy is so he can tell us the weather for tomorrow, so sent the casting producer so find him asking for his predictions, don’t know anybodies guess my cpap’s working now.

A delivery driver late for his route, and feeling pressurised decided to keep his cpap on whilst driving, anyway forgetting about a speed camera sped past at 3 mph above the limit and as usual a photo was taken, police was called to investigate why an elephant was driving that vehicle?

Another cpap user keeping up with his exemplary record of compliance! :lol: :lol:

Trump trump…..keep smiling :lol: :lol:


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:22 am

Acceptance of an illness with such dramatic affects to our personality, consequancies to our health, and affects it has had on our family dynamic, is probably as severe as most people have when grieving the loss of a loved one. Automaticaly devlops our intial response of denial, with such thoughts; I can’t go on, I don’t like being ill, I cannot be dependant on others, or just percieve it as surrendering and giving up. Many men may see it as restrictions of their life style, and our belief structure, rather than our body, probably from a former belief, that our beliefs create our reality to life. Acceptance, is also the first stage of recovery, and management, but we may need to see it as a daily thing, feeling confident you can cope with the daily symtpoms of fatigue, leaks, rain out, or just worry you didn’t get enough sleep.

Yet positive mind structure may seem impossible in the early stages although essnetial when coping with CPAP. Remember that often it is the safer person that has or needs assurance, so we may also need to ask ourselves can we or dare we take that risk? Having knowledge with out those early risks we took in our younger years, we would never have had such pleasure or have achieved as much as we have, or the pleasures we reep everyday with love and friendship for just who we are.

Acceptance can be just using a positive mind structure, such as don'yt like being ill, but can live with it. With Acceptance come accepting 100% responsibility for who we are and what becomes of us. To do this we may need to freeze blame at poit zere, tels our selves we are only human, and are allowed to make mistakes, our mistakes in the past has also encouraged us to be the people we are today.

Lack of acceptance can lead to a fear, or even loss of control, yet who says we have to have total control all of the time. graciously accept help, with a gracious thankyou, unfortunately, many still view psychological help as a threat rather than a help. Accordingly, it may be seen as for the people who are losing their mind or are already "crazy." Some also see help as giving in, yet we may not be giving in, just sharing that important feeling, for those short moments in our lives, to learn to achieve more.


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:36 pm

An earlier note regarding dreaming gave the reason to write this memory of the past, But firstly I will ask you do you think you need help with your Dreams?

Several years ago, I was asked to see middle aged chap with problems of his dreams, on interview he expalied the nature of his present dreams, then went on to explain the length of time he been having them, along with severity and impact it had on his life. Whch turned to how he had coped with them.

Now ask yourself How do you cope with yours? He placed a simple beauty behaviour behind each one, at first all went very well, then has time went on, it became a bigger obsessional issue, that also gave a great deal of social exclusion and or how he was being accepted by others and by whome. can you guess?

This gave way to counting of tattoos, where they were, and what each represented. I counted 123 each one having a different meaning to each dream and where the dream came from. I asked why did you go to this extent, well I had counselling about my fealings, and found it so hard to cope with each feeling I decided to make some physical evidence of them. In trying to reflect and ask myself what I could do? what any purposeful or cost affective outcome was there going to be? Or what he wanted from our services? Decided to take the case to the fuller multi discaplinary team. The conclusion was to do some constructive behavioural modification via hypnotherapy.

He then came back to our attention 2 years later, asking if he suffered from a body dismorphic dissorder, as he was then wanting help to have the worst removed via a skin grafts etc.

What I can assure you neither of us would want to go through what he went through before the social changing behaviour, nor after. but a question that haunted me, was it all worth it. I still periodicaly see him, he often gives a radiant smile, and does loads for charities and other good causes. yet he still remains very lonely, and has all his tattoos, although last time I spoke to him he was considering changing some of them to more pleasant pictures, but quickly running out of space, his GP had suggested an option would be to gain weight, so as to give the skin more elasticity. :shock:

He also has been displayed on tv as a way to raise money for good causes, yet still feels ashamed as he is considered a freak, by those that gave little attempt to try and understand him, or judged him for how he looked. :?

Raise your glasses, for a toast for him. "before you judge him take that plank out of your good eye, as the other has no vission" :) :)


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:44 pm

more dripple and probably more to time of year again, but waht do we call our underbed monster groaning away in the depth of darkness.
Scrunch the walls with the hose Rain out leaks and redness marks
Off to bed to turn and toss CPAP APAP XPAP named shamu.


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:47 pm

what help is there for that one, mind you there is always viagra :lol: hope your leg does not ache too much :lol: I wonder if it happens with Zoplicone? it will be a new one to write up 8)

mind you you then will be able to go on the lecture circuit, and there will no longer be the need to dream about it/her :lol: :lol:


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:47 pm ... index/#502 can't say I like the tune much :lol:

There is a thought though dreams are unkept wishes! Although I still try and keep mine simple, as I might do myself more arm if I don't. 8)


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:19 am

Another funeral today, this year it has reached 6 family members and close friends.

I no longer dream, just run to stop that b black devil from sharpening his pencil on me, how life would be so much earier if I could have a rubber, :lol: or be able to remove that pencil in the beggining. :lol:

local binmen here was asked to go through peoples bin's to inspect rubbish, they all threatened to strike and make it public, since all in the past, instead they are now maintaing there longer term plan to restrict what you dispose of by quantity of collections, at present 2 weekly, not weekly.

I wonder if they will dispose of me this way, I need recycling :lol: so I can cause havoc in the other dimension. :lol: :lol:


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:52 pm

Our local authority is also discussing charging the emptying of bins, you will soon have mine :lol:
delivered at no cost :lol:


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Wed Nov 11, 2009 11:21 pm

Nurses moan, or do not understand the nhs and it's problems. well one day in my first year of training I was asked to go to a fight in a butchers shop between a patient and staff, one staff was seriously injured with a arm partialy sevoured by a butchers cleaver, the fear and dread was very evident, I was green and the client knew it, showed motivation to come to me, only thing left behind me was a pregnant female nurse, my moral values stopped me from running and oh didn't I want to, adn have the hurge to do more, instead I stayed placed my hands out in a very friendly manner, slowed my voice down into a reassuring non thereatening manner, and said lets talk, not fight I mean you no harm. well with hesitation he did, after 1 hour he walked out in tears. The police of course arrested him for assalt with a weapon his court hearing was for him to go to a mental hospital and be managed by it, where the hell did the judge think he was.

The staff nurse bever returned to work, his arm could not be sown back on without severe nerve and ligament damage, as he lived in a tied house he lost his accomodation. He lost confidence to work again, and feeling so ashamed for letting his family down killed himself 4 years later.

I still keep in contact with his ex wife. I also know she is very proud of me for staying in there and getting him out. I have amny times asked myself why, well it probably boils down to the following statement.

My career as a psychiatric nurse began with ardour, secretly fuelled by the desire to understand the propensity of distress people can harbour also communicates with. Perhaps more than any other human action mental illness is no more than a show of distress, torment and pain that embody connotations of unutterable feelings by an ungodly act, disrupting the relationship of the body to personal social identity.

Today I have a shake it's partialy stress related, and nothing can be done, I accept it, I can no longer nurse without a higher risk of injuring myself or others it is recognised as common to old time psychie nurses. (lunatic floor walkers) doing a job millions will never attempt to consider.

I live with happiness I can at least show some respect for the many that don't try, with knowledge that tyhe lords word is being done. I still today think of the very sick children I had to lay out, support there evr so sad grieving paraents, still seeing them now as elder sad individuals, but also smile knowing I was there at there time of need.

In my carrer in this career I won the nurse of the year award in 1975, I was asked to go on tv, and during that interview was asked to allow a ceratin amout of sexis to humour to flow to sex up the programme, I spoke above all the rest of the show, I do not accept any discrimination. I was just doing a job. I am no better than the worst of my colleagues when others show little respect.


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:23 pm

Is it always negative to be classed as a person who makes trouble? I must admit I find it rather difficuilt to be that way, but I also know when things have been cut to the wire, and I see discrimination developing, do I change my normal pattern of behaviour, some of my older colleagues, used to say I was a bit like jekyl & hide, although I never realised it, but always saw myself finding alternate solutions to a very difficuilt task, that only developes due to two strong minds thinking the same, and both being stubborn, and often due to their own pride not wanting to give way.

I saw that developing with a fellow client on this site needing a certain type of treatment, with a professional becoming stuck with only one way of thinking, often due to not being able to make another type of decission.

From a professional perspective, we always was told to see it due to a fear of change. many years ago I had a client refused hospital treatment, due to her persistant arson attacks on the hospital, along with persistant threats of arm to many staff.

As expected she developed a severe paranoid psychotic illness, and was in need of emergency treatment, but with a court order already in force preventing her from going wihin 200yards of a hospital, a catch 22 situation was developing, I being the senior clinician was expected to find a solution or monitor the risks until the law would dictate her security risk to society, and use a power over approach to enforce treatment in a prison Hospital, being a female the only one available was the famous London one, and already having a waiting list.

My solution was instead of taking mohamad to the mountain, I suggested an alternative was to take the mountain to mohamad. Ironic the law and all parties accepted this model as acceptable. it is termed

The 180 Principle of a Contrarian Approach to Problem-Solving.

Several of my managers however of the steadfast old school tie brigade termed me a trouble maker. But many also saw me as a person who got things done. Cost to me was an expectation by all my colleagues to do it over and over again, and soon developing a position of not been allowed to be assertive and say no, often by them learning to use the same method in reverse.

Am I trouble maker, no just a guy finding simple solutions to a problem from an alternative perspective. The risk is hitting your head all too often and not getting anywhere, as if others see you as a threat, they often will be more fearfull, and as such will not try as hard to help you. After all would you go back and stroke the dog that bit you yesterday?


Re: leng's dripple

Post by leng » Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:57 pm

Johari’s Window

This is a term used within the communication process between two people it is recognised as a process of what a person thinks of differentiated from how they present to others, devised by a group of psychotherapist. It is suitable for both group interaction and one to one interaction. From my knowledge of a psychiatric nurse when working with the client that can be vulnerable with severe distress and a highly anxious personality and a high need to talk of their problems it can be an ethical issue to prevent emotional abuse. It can also be recognised as important area of perceived knowledge.

Stress and anxiety goes synonymous with a false perception of our problems in life. If we are not able to communicate effectively with other people around us, we have a handicap before any issues can develop. Thus promoting issues such as Communication spoilers or interruptions of the speakers natural flow, making the person less inclined to discuss, or more inclined to talk. They occur most commonly in times of stress, but if they are allowed to continue over a prolonged periods. They cause conversation to suffer, resentment to build up, and emotional distancing develops.

We all have a right to communicate what we want to communicate about, and recently within the Human Rights act we all have a right to privacy. I believe this boundary when communicating with a dysfuncionalised person is of a high importance, in preventing further despair and risk to mental health but in support of one human right of not being abused. Especially if it is likely others can overstep there boundaries, reminding us needy individuals may have trust that is not warranted but are developed from a personal nature, or due to another persons over willingness to help.

All persons no matter what statute they come from all have a capacity to have some memories that we would rather not remember, yet when stressed it can be easy to think they need to be aired! (I use the term aired, not lightly because remember our thoughts and feelings are always ours and never can be given away only managed.) From a developmental issue these memories at certain times may need to be aired as a reminder of who we are not only as a boundary structure, also as a mechanism to further develop our emotional and cognitive abilities.

Within the communication structure we may take ques to talk and ask questions, from the non verbal communication process, these are both linked to how people look and how they act with certain stimulus, in ordinary circumstances each person may show their discomfort and ability to talk about certain things easily to any individual, yet these defenses may not be acute at times of distress because the individual believes they are trying to help, or our own enthusiasm to be helped.

Every thing a person experiences in life can be a stressor some memories can be more provocative to different individuals, thus producing communication spoilers, from all parties. Our ability to cope with some information is linked to what and quantity of stimulus compared to reactions from others early in the developmental process. Therefore if we are not able to cope with the most threatening piece of information the more distress the individual feels, less able we will be able to come to terms with in the development process of communicating.

As suggested the Johari’s Window is made up of two segments, being differentiated from what we present to others, and what we feel and think about to ourselves. We all have a personal side of what we can share to only our most trusted, yet a side we can show to others we do not know. We also have a side that everyone can see openly and is of common knowledge to the client. Even if an individual puts some emphasis to other believes it is their own right to talk or not to talk as they feel. To abuse this right is paramount to abuse of others.

Self Hidden Unknown

Open Behaviour

Others see

This picture suggests we all can have an open side to our selves others see this and it is known by all. The hidden side is known to self and will and can be shared with people they can trust, this may include family and or certain strangers due to their professional statute. Behaviour side is witnessed with what others see, this may at times of uncertainty and distress that can be show the unknown characteristics yet are not always open to the individual.

The unknown is private to you and you only if one decides to share, it is their prerogative, and is voluntary. Yet the extent of these feelings can suggest we need to help yet if the other person does not have these necessary tools this can provoke and more damage can be done, if one is lead down the path to talk about them. This door should only be opened by the client and allow only who they want into that private space.

From a non-judgmental open supportive relationship between two individuals the person can only communicate with what the individual knows and experiences. Yet we all need to remind ourselves that the need to delve into the unknown can be threatening not only for ourselves but others. From a professional perspective this probably is the most difficult and ethical sensitive place for the clinician, being aware that miss trust is both damaging to the client also the therapeutic relationship others may depend on.

The amount of knowledge the clinician uncovers, can be an issue in it self, we all can adopt a caring defensive position yet after time and quantity of knowledge, the mind it self may just want to withdraw, to protect itself. Therefore the fine line remains, is it in our best interest to take on issues that not only can have repercussions for all, many may not want to confront.

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