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6 Months On - CPAP Changed My Life!

If you have a story of success (or failure), then post it here for others to read.
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6 Months On - CPAP Changed My Life!

Post by seelyrrem » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:50 am

In a previous post I outlined my initial thoughts on my diagnosis as below:

"After visiting my GP with numerous complaints such as waking up coughing in the night,dry mouth, frequent visits to the loo during the night, acid reflux, boardline high blood pressure and suspect glucose impairment along with excessive daytime tiredness this earlier this year I was eventually referred to the sleep clinic. Being a gadget geek I got an app on my iphone which recorded my snoring/breathing which seemed to impress the consultant who immediately said I had hypoxia and very shallow breathing and hence not getting enough oxygen. He immediatley got me fitted out with a wrist pulseoximeter to take home for that night. I returned the device the following morning to await the results. In the mean time I bought myself a wrist oximeter and was shocked by the results! One week and half latter I had a written diagnosis of severe obstructive sleep apnea with 58 breathing interuptions per hour and referred for Cpap trial. I received an appointmet for a week's cpap trial in 4 weeks but I phoned up the sleep clinic and told them I could get a short notice and ended up with a cancellation only a week later. The weeks trial consisted of being sent home with S8 Autoset which from the first night worked wonders as was verified by wrist oximeter. After the week trial I was given an S9 Escape and sent home and told I would be having a follow up apointment in 12 months unless I had a problem and should ring up!
Fortunately I have taken to Cpap like a duck to water so to speak and have bought my own S9 autoset as I needed a second machine and thanks to forums like this one have learnt so much and I can only thank all the regulars on here who contribute and help those that are struggling so compassionately. Its good to know that there are people willing to help.
I do some times think its like a Aprils Fool - blow air up your nose while your asleep and it cures a multitude of ailments!"

I'm now 6 months on from the start of my CPAP treatment and have no real issues - biggest problem is that once I wake up on a morning I can't get back to sleep but as my AHI for the 6months is 0.1 and my average daily usage is 7.20 I don't have any cause for concern! O2 saturation levels are checked once a month and are normal. GP blood tests showed liver damage which is probably caused by the sleep apnea improving along with my sugar levels! I've also managed to loose 10kg in weight and hoping to loose more. My girlfriend can now sleep in the same bed with no problem with me from the now banished snoring!

It has been a very easy path so far for me and it still amazes me that something so simple like blowing air up my nose while asleep can cure so many ailments - especially when I never realised I had half of them!

I would also like to commend the members of this forum ( and others ) which freely give advice and help to others by their replies, especially to those not finding the initial treatment as easy and successful as myself!

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Re: 6 Months On - CPAP Changed My Life!

Post by Sleep2Snore » Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:15 pm

Good to hear from you Colin.
It is always good to hear from people like yourself that take the bother to let us know how you got on and that you are finding it easy.
Not always the case for everyone.
Keep in touch.
Well done on the weight loss by the way. :)

S2S - Sleep2Snore

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