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New to this site

Post by Tiredtracy » Sat May 24, 2014 8:00 pm

Hi I am Tracy feeling this way for a number of years recently my husband got more annoyed with my snoring and mentioned sleep apnea I recorded myself with a sleep app and noticed gaps in time with the recordings my doctor got me to take the epworth scale test and scored 13 as mild sleep apnea, blood tests came back as low in folic acid and B12. Dr has recommended I take 5mg of folic acid but the tablets are measured as 800 ug the international way tried to google the conversion but it says 6 tablets = 5mg not sure if this is right as 1 tablet states 400% rda . I will go back to my dr about this as confused and not sure if this will help the sleep apnea too. What do you think? Thanks

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Re: New to this site

Post by Suse » Sun Jun 01, 2014 12:48 pm

Hi Tracy and welcome, I've had diagnosed OSA for about 15 years now and am treated with CPAP. I also have low B12 and have an injection every 3 months to fix that (and it does indeed). The two aren't really related other than they both leave you feeling fatigued. While the B12 treatment may well improve your energy levels it's not going to treat the OSA and you should really be being referred on to a sleep clinic for a full sleep test to be diagnosed correctly (you can't diagnose from the Epworth test it's just an indicator of the problem) and then receive the right level of treatment. When you go back to your doc to ask about the folic acid also make sure they are referring you on for the possible OSA! Good luck x

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