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Help/advice your experience needed please

If you have a story of success (or failure), then post it here for others to read.
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Help/advice your experience needed please

Post by tixy » Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:34 pm

Hi My story. I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and given a CPAP machine.

However my symptoms were still severe.I was referred to specialist sleep center and had overnight study on CPAP and off CPAP , sleep apnoea very bad off machine and good when on the machine.
I then had a following day MSLT test ... after 9 hours sleep on machine I still slept at the 9 am 11 am 1pm and 3pm sleep tests.I was shocked that I did that.

The only thing I know at the moment is that I didnt go into REM sleep quickly in the day which I think rules out narcolepsy.

Im desparing,my life is being ruled by the need to sleep at inappropriate times. :(

I think the NHS only have funding to diagnose and treat narcolepsy and sleep apnoea and there are other more unusual sleep disorders too.

Can I also say that the original sleep studies overnight were done by my local hospital were done at home and they did not pick up the sleep apnoea despite it being very bad, apparently my oxygen levels did not go low enough.I think this is really bad as a lot of people are being missed.This it to save money as they cannot do the overnight in hospital for everyone.

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Re: Help/advice your experience needed please

Post by Sleep2Snore » Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:18 am

Hi tixy,
You won't find me arguing about the last part of your post.
It does pick up a lot of people though and it also depends on what type of equipment you had home with you. I also think having the equipment home for one night is not long enough for a lot of people to get used to it and get a good nights sleep.
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