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New To Cpap

If you have a story of success (or failure), then post it here for others to read.
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New To Cpap

Post by Danny584 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:44 pm

Thought i would say hello :), i am from the UK and have suffered with day time tiredness for years not knowing why trying many different things before someone suggested i should go and get checked for sleep anpoea.
I also had problems with being overweight and have suffered with depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, memory problems, sinus infections etc.
Pretty much been unemployed for years and my whole life has been pretty dreadful as i just could not pull myself together and make things better.

I have just been diagnosed with moderate/severe sleep apnoea and have been using the machine for just over a week.

When i did the sleep study which was to go home with a wrist oximeter i did not sleep well at all and only got 4hours of sleep as i was anxious, i also felt in those 4 hours it was rather a light sleep apnoea night as its often worse.
But turns out it was enough (20 events an hour) to be diagnosed which was a great relief as its been a few months since i started the process to get diagnosed with Sleep apnoea and had been worrying what i would do if it was not considered severe enough as i barely sleep and feel so tired every day.

I think its been about 3 months start to finish to get my cpap machine and i will say that the NHS and the staff were lovely and very helpful, i am not someone who goes to the doctors or hospital often and have social anxiety so tend to avoid places like that because of those problems.
But they really made me feel at ease and were very helpful.

I got a Resmed S9 Auto with the new type mask, mask fits well although i do have trouble sleeping with it but i tend to struggle to sleep at the best of times. I find wearing the mask actually quite peaceful and relaxing but it seems to wake me enough so i cannot get to sleep :).
Hopefully this will get better with time and i have a memory foam pillow coming in the mail which should help a little with sleeping without the mask moving so much.

But even though i often only get a couple of hours on the machine before i have to take the mask off and sleep normally i still feel much better.
In the last week i went from feeling so tired and confused with really bad short term memory problems to feeling better each day.
I also suffered with being really out of breath when i went for a walk which has now gotten much much better and now i can talk and walk without feeling like i have to keep stopping.
I was always someone who walked, cycled and also do weight lifting, but as i became more and more tired i stopped doing most of those things as i just became worn out.
But now even after a few days on the machine and not many total hours either i have noticed a definite improvement.

I wish i had known 10 years ago as my life would be much better now, but things are getting better so i am happy about that :).

This forum is also a great source of information and has helped me answer a lot of questions i had reading about others and there experiences with sleep apneoa so thanks for that also.

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Re: New To Cpap

Post by Sleep2Snore » Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:36 pm

Hi Danny,

Nice to know the forum has helped you :D
We try to help as much as we can, even though we are not doctors at least we have experiance on or side, which doctors do not have as most do not use CPAP. I did say most as I came across a doctor that did use CPAP last year!
You need to try to get your hours up a bit, I know it is early days yet and it does take a bit of getting used to, but when you feel the need to take your mask off, keep it on for a while longer. If you feel dried out and find it difficult to breath, get a humidifier or turn it up.
At least you appear to have accepted it and are at least trying.
If you have any problems just ask in one of the sections above, or here if you want.
We are happy to try to help if we can.

Any reason why you have to take the mask off after a couple of hours?

Welcome to the forum.
S2S - Sleep2Snore

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