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6 weeks in, my story so far. Some tips & hope!

If you have a story of success (or failure), then post it here for others to read.
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6 weeks in, my story so far. Some tips & hope!

Post by NewDan » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:06 pm

Dear all,

I had my 6 week checkup yesterday, and would like to share...

I work as a travelling sales rep staying in 3/4 different hotels a week, I drive a lot, was generally fatigued, & exhausted after a week's work, but wasn't suffered form drowsiness. I wasn't sleeping well, was waking up at the slightest noise & was frequently waking up very early. I'm quite sure I've suffered since my 20s if not earlier.

I was having 18 events per hours.

Starting CPAP I felt positive, I wanted to sleep & wanted to stop being tired, I wanted & needed it to work.

The first week with the mask was very hard, mask slipping, being woken by blasts of air, waking frequently & struggling to get back to sleep again with the mask on. Most nights I was managing 3 to 4 hours with mask then taking it off to get another few hours sleep. I did manage one really good night though and was hopeful.

At first week checkup the pressure was reduced to 8 (I think it was 20 before). Wow!

Weeks 2-5 after pressure reduced: generally really good, sleeping straight through most nights from 10-11 til 5-6, & feeling really good. I was having dreams again! I was having about one night a week when I'd wake in the morning without my mask on.

Week 6. Not a great week for mask use (this was a really hot week). Nearly every morning, after seemingly sleeping undisturbed, I was waking up without the mask on, one night the timer was just 29minutes! I was starting to feel tired & down again.

6 week check up:

Down to 3 events an hour, & averaging just over 6 hours over the last 5 weeks.

My consultant was happy with my progress, in the mask removing mystery she asked how I was washing it, I had been using face wash, she said that's the problem, only use washing up liquid.

The two nights since switching to washing up liquid I've slept straight through & kept the mask on & am feeling refreshed again.

Overall it's been fantastic, sleeping much more soundly, am waking up rested & refreshed, not feeling fatigued generally & feeling less anxious.

Some tips that have helped me:

I've stopped drinking alcohol. I've found even a few drinks make me much more irritated by the mask & restless. I need to sleep well more than I need a beer.

I sleep with the tube going up over my head, I found with it pointing down I would frequently tangle my hands or arms in it.

Being positive, at first I was disturbed by hose noise, now I try to think of it as comforting.

I've found placing the CPAP machine on the bed helps reduce noise. Through sleeping in hotels I found different bedside tables were causing varying volume, I tried placing it on a pillow or towel on the table, but found placing it on the bed to be easier and more consistent.

Speaking to people, I've mentioned Sleep Apnea to some people I see through work, it seems like everyone knows someone as has a story to tell.

I'm looking forwards to another great sleep tonight, in another hotel. I feel very supported by my sleep team at the hospital & am very grateful.

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Re: 6 weeks in, my story so far. Some tips & hope!

Post by Sleep2Snore » Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:16 pm

You are doing well.
Just watch you don't knock the machine off the bed!
You can get a foldable step and can put a plastic mat under the machine, this will keep it off the floor and also give you a constant noise and a steady platform. Just a thought. As you have discovered, you do need an extension cable with you as power points are never where you need them, though it doesn't need to be a heavy one. Best with a twin socket at the end of the cable for phones etc.

Keep up the good work.
Below 5 is good and you are at 3, so good for you. 8)
S2S - Sleep2Snore

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