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The Reason I Snore Is ...

During National Stop Snoring Week 2006 we ran an on-line competition where entrants where asked to perform our snore tests and report their results.

Snorers identifying a single cause :

Small or collapsing nostrils

12.9% found they had small or collapsing nostrils.

Mouth breathing

27.9% diagnosed themselves as mouth breathers.

Tongue base snorer

18.5% believed they were tongue base snorers.

A number of people found their snoring is not confined to a single cause but is multifactoral.

Small or collapsing nostrils Mouth breathing

8.9% were mouth breathers and suffering from collapsing nostrils.

Mouth breathing Tongue base snorer

3.5% were mouth breathers and tongue base snorers.

Small or collapsing nostrils Mouth breathing Tongue base snorer

1.3% tested positive for all three tests.

27% were undecided about what was causing their snoring.